Tuesday, February 13, 2007

5 Killed In Utah Mall, The House Introduces Non-Binding War Resolution and No One In America Is Happy With It

   It is Tuesday morning, so let the day begin! I just cannot wait to see what the politicians in Washington have in store for us and the rest of the world today! All of this suspense is killing me!   Have a good day everyone!

   From the AP  We hear that a gunman in a Salt Lake City, Utah shopping mall went on a rampage with a shotgun and killed 5 people before being killed by police. Four people were hospitalized.

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    According to the Tucson Citizen , an I-19 checkpoint in a small artist community 35 miles south of Tucson may make what residence fear, smuggler on smuggler violence, even worse as the checkpoint goes from one that used to be moved around to various locations to one now in a permanent spot.

Smuggler-related violence - sometimes over loads of illegal immigrants, sometimes over drugs - is erupting more frequently in southern Arizona, with five people killed in the past 10 days.

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    On the non-binding war resolution which House Democrats introduced on Monday, anti-war supporters say that the resolution does not go far enough as it does not mention any cutting off of the funds for the war. This is really the only way that Congress can stop the war. The House will vote on the resolution at the end of the week.

  Washington Times

 House Speaker Nancy Pelosi:  "we will vote on a straightforward position: Do you support the president's plan or oppose it?"

   She said the vote "will herald whether the House understands the message the American people are sending about the policies used to implement this war."

   But peace activists who voted overwhelmingly for Democratic candidates in the November elections say Mrs. Pelosi and Democrats in Congress have gotten the message all wrong.
    "Congress is not listening to the voice of the people," said Gael Murphy, co-founder of the anti-war group Code Pink: Women for Peace.
    "We are disappointed that Congress is not moving forward expeditiously and we are being distracted by this nonbinding resolution that holds no one accountable," she said. "From what we can tell, nobody is interested in debating a real exit strategy."

  It is a sad day when the Democrats who are now in control, can already be alienating the voters who put them into office just 3 short months ago.

   Apparently, the batteries in their Beltones has gone dead.



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