Monday, February 12, 2007

Alabama V.A. Hospital Missing Records On Hard Drive

   Another drive goes missing from a government institution! What a surprise this is.

   An Alabama VA hospital is missing a portable hard drive with info on it covering some 1.8 million veterans and doctors. The Department of Veterans Affairs says that personal and business information may be on the drive which has been missing for three weeks!

   It is nice if the VA to finally let these doctors and veterans know that they may no longer have any privacy when it comes to their medical circumstances.

AP   The hard drive may have contained Social Security numbers and other personal information from about 535,000 individuals and billing information on 1.3 million doctors nationwide, the VA said. That's more than 37 times more people than authorities initially believed were affected.

    Next thing you know, someone in the government will accidentally delete our social security numbers.



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