Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Anna Nicole Smith Taking Slim Fast And Methadone?

   From the New York Post we get the story of Anna Nicole Smith and her apparent drug diet consisting of Slim Fast and methadone judging by the contents of her refrigerator.

Howard K. Stern's lawyer in the Bahamas' went to the police  and accused the landlord of breaking into the house and staging the pictures.


"They staged photos, such as putting TrimSpa and Slim-Fast in a refrigerator to slight her," the furious attorney, Wayne Munroe, told The Post. "It was like grave robbery."

Smith had been a spokeswoman for TrimSpa, not Slim-Fast.

   This is going to be one hell of a soap opera before this gets anywhere close to being over! I would not usually even have this on this sight but this is getting to be so funny and ridiculous that I cannot just ignore it. The entertainment value alone is priceless!



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