Friday, February 09, 2007

Baghdad Crackdown Hampered By Infighting

Infighting hampering Baghdad crackdown

By RYAN LENZ, Associated Press Writer Fri Feb 9,2007

BAGHDAD, Iraq - Iraqi commanders are urging the Americans to go after Sunni targets as the first focus of the military push to secure Baghdad, displaying a sectarian tilt that is delaying full implementation of the plan to drive gunmen from the streets, U.S. officers say.
   American officers, interviewed at the sprawling Camp Victory base at the western edge of the capital, also acknowledge they are finding little in their initial searches of Baghdad neighborhoods — suggesting either they received faulty intelligence or that the massive publicity that preceded the operation gave militants time to slip away.

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    I'd say it was more than likely a case of both the intelligence being lousy and all of the advertisement before hand.

    Maybe the White House will consider calling this new way forward " surge and miss." Can't blame the troops for this. It is  all on the White House and the Defense Secretary and the intelligence ( ? ) community.

    Support our Troops, Get rid of the White house occupants.


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