Thursday, February 15, 2007

Democrats Looking At Troop Funding But Still Not Cutting It


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     Maybe the Democrats in Washington,D.C. have finally taken the waxy buildup out of their ears as it seems that they are getting set to take a long hard look at the funding that the Pentagon wants. You remember, the $100 billion extra they want for the war.


WASHINGTON - Democrats, expecting House passage Friday of a resolution opposing
President Bush's military buildup in
Iraq, are turning their sights on an even loftier target — the
Pentagon's multibillion-dollar budget.

Congress next month is to consider Bush's request for nearly $100 billion more for the war, a request that promises to become a new battleground over his Iraq policy.

   The Dems are not yet looking at a cut-off of the funding as of yet. Must be some wax still in the ears,but they are trying to make sure that our troops in this mess have the right equipment when they are shipped over to Iraq.

   Once again! Cut off the damned funding and you will not have to worry about the equipment! Some of these people, Nancy Pelosi, just don't get it yet.


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