Sunday, February 11, 2007

Genes Mapped For Type 2 Diabetes

   You type 2 diabetics  out there might be happy to know that scientist are saying that they have mapped the genes that put people at risk for type 2 diabetes.

   BBC     The findings could explain up to 70% of the genetics of the disorder which affects over 1.9 million UK people.

Family history is a major risk factor for the condition, along with obesity.

The Imperial College London team, working with Canadian colleagues, found four points on the gene map linked to a person's diabetes risk, Nature reports.

   For you type 2 diabetics, lay off of the fattening crap from the fast food joints and all of the sweets that many of you crave and you just may stay lucky enough  to not have to switch to both pills and insulin injections!

   I know more than a few type 2 who complain the next day because they feel bad after having eat cake and other assorted junk before they went to bed. How the hell do you expect to feel when you wake up?

   I have been telling some for years how they should be doing a little of their activities but they do not want to listen. I guess that falling over dead one day doesn't bother them to much.

   I've been doing insulin for type 1 for thirty five years so i do know a little on the subject, but what do I know?


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