Wednesday, February 14, 2007

George Bush: Money Trumps Peace

   A reader sent me an email a little while ago and told me that he thought he had heard bush mention something about money trumpting peace.

   Well hell, it took me a bit but Idid find that statement from Bush and here it is.

    My Left Wing:


Bush: Troops' Families Hate the Troops; Money Trumps Peace

by: occams hatchet

Wed Feb 14, 2007 at 11:39:58 AM PST

The guy is certifiable. Read this from today's press conference and tell me you don't agree:

Q As you know, a growing number of troops are on their second, third or fourth tour in Iraq. There have been a growing number of reports about declining morale among fighting men. I spoke personally to an infantry commander -- tough guy, patriot -- who says more and more of the troops are asking, questioning what they're doing here. Does this come as a surprise to you? Are you aware of this? Is it a minority opinion, is it a growing opinion, and does it concern you?

THE PRESIDENT: I am -- what I hear from commanders is that the place where there is concern is with the family members; that our troops, who have volunteered to serve the country, are willing to go into combat multiple times, but that the concern is with the people on the home front. And I can understand that. And I -- and that's one reason I go out of my way to constantly thank the family members. You know, I'm asking -- you're obviously talking to certain people, or a person. I'm talking to our commanders.


(Also available in Orange)

So - the problem is with the families of the troops? And, uh, an infantry commander is only a "person" - clearly not to be trusted - not one of "our commanders" with whom you speak? Wow. Thanks, Mr. President, for clearing that up for us.

Jeebus. If anyone who has a loved one in the armed services can read that and not know to the very core of their being that it is high time to get this dangerous, delusional, narcissistic, venal, criminal, self-serving, amoral, sanguinary pre-adolescent spoiled rich coward and his like-minded cronies out of the White House, then I don't know what to say.

And, to top it off, he sneaks this Freudian mind-blower into another answer, clearly missing the painfully delicious irony of it:

[L]et's put it this way, money trumps peace, sometimes. In other words, commercial interests are very powerful interests throughout the world . . And, therefore, I'm working with people to make sure that that concern trumps whatever commercial interests may be preventing governments from acting. I make no specific accusation with that statement. It's a broad statement. But it's an accurate assessment of what sometimes can halt multilateral diplomacy from working. [emphasis added]

As was pointed out in Ellicatt's liveblogging thread on the press conference, that pretty well sums up the BushCheney/PNAC foreign policy agenda of the past six years:

   The Bush Crime Family at it's finest!

                    IMPEACH! INDICT! IMPRISON!


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