Thursday, February 15, 2007

House Speaker Pelosi Tells Bush No Iran Invasion Without Congress Saying 'Yes'

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said today that Mr. Bush does not have the authority to invade Iran without the okay from Congress to do so just one day before the Congress is to vote on a resolution  condemning Bush's  troop escalation in Iraq.    More Below

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AP  At the same time, she said, "I do believe that Congress should assert itself, though, and make it very clear that there is no previous authority for the president, any president, to go into Iran."

Bush has asked Congress to approve $100 billion for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Congressional Democrats are hoping to insert provisions that would make it harder for the administration to follow through on its plan to deploy an additional 21,500 combat troops to Iraq.

Murtha also said the measure may be changed to prohibit any military action against Iran without specific congressional approval.

Asked about Murtha's remarks, Pelosi said, "I fully support that." She added that she would propose it as stand-alone legislation if it is not included in the bill that provides more money for the Iraq war.

Bush has said he intends to go ahead with the troop buildup regardless of nonbinding expressions of disapproval in Congress.

But, Pelosi said, "I don't think that the president can completely ignore it."

     Of course, some of the GOP (   Rep. Sam Johnson,   Rep. Geoff Davis )  used the usual, the resolution will hurt the troops moral and will embolden the enemy and that bullshit.

   It must be tough going to be a political party with no vision or common sense for that matter. Thankfully, there are a few Republicans who have come to their senses and have seen this war for what it really is.