Sunday, February 11, 2007

Iran No Threat To Israel?

    From CNN we hear that Iran's nuclear program is not a threat to Israel and that Iran is ready to settle it's issues with the International Atomic Energy Agency. This could be done within three weeks according to the report.

   Iran may be a lot smarter than Bush and Cheney think they are as the Iranians have now turned the tables on the Bush clan by trying to work these issues out. If Bush launches an attack at this time, then he will once again get the ire of the rest of the planet, not that he gives a dam.

Ali Larijani, speaking at a forum that gathered the world's top security officials, said Iran doesn't have aggressive intentions toward any nation.

"That Iran is willing to threaten Israel is wrong," Larijani said. "We pose no threat and if we are conducting nuclear research and development we are no threat to Israel. We have no intention of aggression against any country."

In Israel, Foreign Ministry spokesman Mark Regev dismissed Larijani's comments, saying Iran's government was trying to convince the international community to believe that their intentions are benign. "The fact is that they have failed in this attempt and there is a wall-to-wall consensus that the Iranian nuclear program is indeed military and aggressive and a threat to world peace."

   Israel sounds a lot like Tony Blair when it comes to rhetoric about who is doing what and where in the middle east.


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