Monday, February 12, 2007

Iraqi Refugees Barred From Syria

   One of the few remaining countries in the middle east, Syria, is for all intents and purposes closing it's doors to any more Iraqi refugees which are numbering in the neighborhood of 40,000 per month.


The new rules — imposed without any official announcement — also strike fear of deportation into the 1 million Iraqis already here. The worsening humanitarian crisis has resulted in calls for action by members of the U.S. Congress and a plea from the United Nations for more countries to help out.

"It's not fair that the burden is not being shared effectively. A very limited number of countries is paying a very heavy price," Antonio Guterres, the U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees, said on a recent tour of the Mideast.

    This is some more of the mess which President Cheney and his puppet have created in the middle east for nothing more than illegal profits to the few select in the war profiteer group.

    It will be no time before the United States is having to send aid to these countries just to house the refugees which now have pretty much no place to go.

    Let us not forget the million or so that are in Syria who risk being deported because of time limits.

Until last week, Iraqis could come to Syria without a visa and stay for up to six months. At that point, they could drive to any border, leave briefly and re-enter immediately and stay for another six months — meaning they essentially were allowed to stay indefinitely.

But Iraqis in Syria say they now receive only a 15-day permit to stay when they enter, after which they must apply for a three-month permit that can be renewed only once. After six months, any Iraqi not a student or without a job or business must leave Syria for at least 30 days before being allowed back in.

    Syria has stated that they will not deport Iraqis. that would be a good thing, I would think.


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