Thursday, February 15, 2007

John Murtha Is On The Attack!

  Rep. John Murtha ( bio, voting record), D-Pa  has taken the lead, which neither Nancy Pelosi or any of the other Democrats in Congress have had the balls to do, by threatening to prohibit U.S. action by our military against Iran without the okay by the  congress. This is after the GOP went out and paid off a few war veterans who to oppose the war resolution that the Congress is voting on on Friday.

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  Rep. John Murtha ( D-Pa.), said he would seek to tie future deployments in Iraq to troops meeting high standards of training and getting enough rest between combat tours. Murtha said he believes the Army may have no units that can meet those standards, meaning that Bush's attempt to send 21,500 more troops to Iraq would be effectively thwarted.

Murtha, who has been among Congress's foremost opponents of Iraq war policy, also said he is considering attaching a provision to a looming war spending bill that would bar U.S. military action against Iran without congressional approval.

"This may become the first time in the history of the United States Congress that it has voted to send a new commander into battle and then voted to oppose his plan that is necessary to succeed in that battle," Bush said.

   Bull shit Bush! The Congress did not know, the Dems didn't anyway, that you and you cast of characters were cooking up evidence and forging data to get the Congress and the citizens of America to support your sorry ass!

     Mr. Bush, your game is coming to an end and not nearly soon enough!


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