Friday, February 09, 2007

Mesa Arizona Councilman Gets threats Over Protest

   I just love the people of Arizona!

      Over in Mesa, just outside of Phoenix, a councilman has been sitting down during the Pledge of allegiance during council meetings as his way of protesting the war in Iraq.

   Mesa City Councilman Tom Rawles has been getting threats since he started his little protest.

    From the Tucson Citizen

The Associated Press   02.09.2007

MESA - One person suggested that Mesa City Councilman Tom Rawles be taken out back and beaten. Another said someone should put a bullet in his head, and a third that he should be buried in the cement his construction company uses.

"You have disrespected our country and the symbol of it and the men and women who fought for it," resident Mike Thelan told Rawles through tears at a council meeting on Monday. "You have acted like a spoiled little child that has not received what he wants from his parents."

Rawles, a 57-year-old lawyer who long ago decided not to run for re-election when his term is up in June 2008, said he will continue his protest "until the troops come home." He said he doesn't mind that his stand is angering some people.

   If you are going to protest the war, by all means do so. But you can do it another way instead of dis-respecting the flag that many have fought and died for!


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