Monday, February 12, 2007

The New Congress, Iran, And The President

       I generally try not to cuss here but sometimes that cannot be helped because of something that some politician did or didn't do or something that one may have said that was totally bull. This spot does use some language that some of you may not like.  If you do not like it, tough s_ _ t!

It seems as if the Democrats that we voted into office have already gone soft on their rhetoric with Iraq and on getting our troops home.

   All that I can remember hearing when all of the campaigning was still going on was that we have a plan and that we will get our country out of Iraq.

   I also remember hearing that (p)resident Bush would no longer have a blank check handed to him and that the rubber- stamp days for his administration were all over.

   So far the Congress has focused on a minimum wage increase and a few House ethics rules, which is all well and good. They did get more passed in their 100 hour marathon than the GOP'ers could ever dream of doing!

    But still, they need to do something about the Bush Crime Family and their efforts to start another war just for profit.

   These non-binding resolutions that the Democrats have tried to put forth, and a few  Republicans also, sound good on the news and such, but where are the teeth? We did not put you into office, ladies and gentlemen, to come up with such bullshit as a non-binding resolution! We want binding and we want it fucking NOW!

    We elected you for office to stop this Iraq bullshit and yet resident Bush has still been able to send aircraft carriers and a fleet over to the middle east for his next adventure. I won't even mention the troop escalation that is taking place at this very moment.

    The Idiot in Chief has his budget request coming up with that $100 billion hand out for his mission in Iraq on top of the $70 billion or so that is already earmarked for Bush's Disneyland Adventure, Iraq style!

   It would be in the Congress and the Senate's best interest to not approve this part of the spending. Let me be clearer. It is in their best interest to not pass this part of the budget,period!

    It is time for you fuckers to grow a spine and to get with the fucking program. What the fuck do you think we put you back into office for?

   I do not think that you have to concern yourselves with public opinion on this ands the only people who are saying that cutting the Iraq funds would endanger our troops are the idiots in the White House and the unintelligent FoxNews viewers.

   Get off of your fucking asses and go do your fucking jobs!!

                  CUT THE FUNDING!




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