Tuesday, February 13, 2007

News In The Eve

   From Raleigh,NC. an ex-CIA contractor got 8 1/2 years  prison time for beating  a detainee from Afghanistan who died later.


David Passaro, 40, was accused of hitting Abdul Wali with a flashlight and kicking him in the groin during a two-day interrogation at a remote military base in
Afghanistan in July 2003. Wali died within 48 hours of the interrogation, after complaining of abdominal pain and an inability to urinate.

Passaro was the first American civilian charged with mistreating a detainee during the wars in
Iraq and Afghanistan. He was found guilty last year of assault and could have gotten 11 1/2 years in prison.

   The U.S. District Judge that sentenced Passaro (Terrence Boyle) said that not having an autopsy performed on the body probably saved Passaro from a murder charge.

                    * * * *


North Korea has agreed to shut down its main nuclear reactor within 60 days as the first step to dismantling its nuclear weapons programme.
The agreement was announced in Beijing after days of intensive negotiations involving envoys from North and South Korea, China, Russia, Japan and the US.

Under the plan, North Korea is to begin shutting down its nuclear programme in return for supplies of energy and other forms of aid.
International inspectors are to be allowed to return to North Korea to verify the process.

        * * * *


An American engineer working for Qatar's state-owned energy company has been sentenced to life in prison for spying, a Doha-based newspaper has said.

The 51-year-old American was convicted last week after being arrested in a police sting operation in 2005, the Gulf Times said on Monday, citing court sources.

Court testimony claimed the man, a senior engineer who worked for 10 years at Doha-based Qatar Petroleum, was attempting to sell sensitive information about a Qatari government natural gas project to a foreign embassy.


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