Friday, February 09, 2007

Norovirus Hits Two North Carolina Hospitals

   I figured that I would post this article since this is where I happen to be living at the present time.

AP            Norovirus

By STEVE HARTSOE, Associated Press Writer
Fri Feb 9, 6:44 PM ET

GREENSBORO, N.C. - Two hospitals are asking visitors, especially children, to stay away until they control an outbreak of a highly contagious stomach virus that has sickened patients and staff members.

"We're just asking the community to help out," said Dr. Ward Robinson, an infectious disease specialist at Moses Cone Hospital. "I don't think this is the black plague coming into Greensboro."

Doctors confirmed an outbreak at Moses Cone and believe the virus also hit Wesley Long Hospital. The number of people affected wasn't immediately available, hospital officials said.

Three suspected norovirus cases first appeared Feb. 1 and were not confirmed until Wednesday, Doug Allred, a spokesman for Moses Cone Health System, said Friday.

The hospitals will admit new patients who will be sent to areas considered clear of the virus.


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