Monday, February 12, 2007

Putin Courting Saudi Arabia With Atomic Energy

    I see that Russian President Vladimir Putin has volunteered to help Saudi Arabia to develop atomic energy.

    Putin is on a mission to create ties, both militarily and energy wise, with countries that have generally been U.S. allies and this can only get worse. Though it may not be said in public, I am sure that many of our allies have come to despise the U.S. because of the currant Cheney regime in the White house and his morally wrong policies towards other countries and everyone in general.


Russia is also building a nuclear reactor in Iran amid an international standoff with the West, which suspects that the Islamic republic is seeking nuclear weapons. Iran denies this charge.

"Russia is determined to enhance cooperation with the Islamic world," Putin told a forum of Saudi and Russian businessmen on his first visit to Riyadh.

Saudi Arabia, a staunch Cold War ally of Washington, rolled out the red carpet for Putin, whose country's oil output is exceeded only by the Islamic kingdom's.

King Abdullah on Sunday hailed him as "a statesman, a man of peace, a man of justice".

   At this rate, With Russia chasing after our closest (?) allies, Saudi Arabia and the other Arab states will eventually be protected by the Russian military instead of the United States forces. then watch our oil and gas prices go way up!



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