Thursday, February 15, 2007

Republicans Cry Foul Over Pelosi Blog

   Those idiot Republicans are at it again! Crying foul, that is.

   House Speaker Pelosi started a blog called The Gavel which has a load of Youtube videos on it covering the chambers proceedings and such so now the neo-nuts are bitching about copywrite infringement and a whole lot of other crap. The vid clips were from C-SPAN so I think that clips of the proceedings should be able to pass as fair use.

   This must be part of the GOP plan to change the subject from Iraq/Iran, to anything else.

   Here's a letter the Repugnicans shot out awhile ago.

Daily Kos

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE CONTACT: Brad Dayspring (202) 225-3484

February 15, 2007

Speaker Pelosi's New Blog Violates C-SPAN Copyright/Trademark of House Proceedings
Will the Speaker bring the gavel down on "the Gavel Blog?"

As you may have heard, Speaker Nancy Pelosi launched a new blog entitled "The Gavel." Though we applaud the Speaker's effort to adapt to new technology, the blog violated copyright and trademark law on the very first day.

Not once, not twice, but 16 times?

As of noon today, the Speaker had posted at least 16 videos that are copyrighted
C-SPAN material from the House floor. The RSC spoke with C-SPAN today, who confirmed that these videos violate C-SPAN copyright/trademark of the House proceedings.

Using C-Span for partisan purposes?

In addition to using pirated material, Speaker Pelosi also has used the pirated C-SPAN footage for partisan purposes. The collection of C-SPAN footage used in her "first official blog" is an example and the other pirated C-SPAN trademarked material shows Democrat after Democrat offering their views of the non-binding Democrat resolution on the reinforcement and realignment of American troops in Iraq.

So, what does Speaker Pelosi believe the role of C-SPAN is?

"One of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's first decisions was to deny a request by C-SPAN to be permitted to cover the House floor proceedings with its own cameras. Last month, Pelosi sent a letter to C-SPAN Chairman and CEO Brian Lamb saying she believed "the dignity and decorum" of the House "are best preserved by maintaining the current system of televised proceedings."

(CQ Weekly, January 15, 2007, Page 169)

Is the dignity and decorum of the House preserved by pirating copyrighted C-SPAN material for political purposes?

If not, will the Speaker bring the gavel down on "the Gavel Blog?"


Brad Dayspring
Communications Director
Republican Study Committee
(202) 225-3484

Update:The morons at the RSC have retracted their press release. It was too frackin stupid even for them.

Also, Stoller has more. Turns out that floor proceedings are public domain, but committee hearings are not. Thus, C-SPAN claims ownership of the Alito hearings for the next 100 years. That's unconscionable and must end.


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1 Comment:

PatHMV said...

While the RSC allegations about copyright and trademarks were incorrect, Pelosi's use of the clips for political purposes is in fact a violation of House Rules. The TV cameras for floor debates are owned and controlled by Congress, not C-Span (hence no copyright). The House Rule governing the TV cameras prohibits use of the resulting footage for "political purposes." Further analysis and citations here.