Friday, February 09, 2007

Robert Gates Insist The U.S. Has Proof Of Iran Interference

    Defense Secretary Robert Gates still says that the United States has proof that Iran has been supplying Iraqi militants with explosives .

    The fine, honest folks in Washington and Iraq have been gathering the evidence for weeks so that they can present it to the Bush administration who will in turn present some of it to the public. This will be, of course, after they have cherry picked the details which appeal to them and their cause.

   Then again, if Gates is as good as the GOP thinks he is, there may not be much cherry picking to do. the entire report may be just one great big cherry to pick from!

   Come on now! All that we have been hearing about Iran is basically the same shit we heard about Iraq, only under a different cover.

   Forgive me if I do not trust this group, but they have never given the American citizens any reason to believe them much less trust them. It's been six years of one lie after another and I see no reason for the Bush Crime Family to change course this late in the game.


The materials — which in their classified form include slides and some two inches of documents — provide evidence of Iran's role in supplying Iraqi militants with highly sophisticated and lethal improvised explosive devices and other weaponry. Among the weapons is a roadside bomb known as an "explosively formed penetrator," which can pierce the armor of Abrams tanks with nearly molten-hot charges. One intelligence official said the U.S. is "fairly comfortable" it knows where the explosives came from.

The Iran dossier also lays out alleged Iranian efforts to train Iraqis in military techniques.

Yet, government officials say there is some disagreement about how much to make public to support the administration's case. Intelligence officials worry the sources of their information could dry up.


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