Saturday, February 17, 2007

Saturday Morning News Kickstart

A suicide bomber  knocked off 15 people, judge included, when he blew himself up inside a courtroom over in Pakistan.

    The police say that they arrested three others who where planning the same thing.                          More News Below

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    In Northern Iraq,  another car bomber drove into a packed market not to long after a car exploded on Saturday, killing nine and wounding another 60.

                    * * * *

    That Russian expert that happens to be Secretary of State, Condi Rice, made a surprise visit to Baghdad on Saturday and had a little meeting with both American and Iraqi officials. Probably delivering the latest talking points memo's to the P.M. and others from the Bush Crime Family.

                    * * * *

    20-year-old Pfc. Branden C. Cummings of Titusville, Florida was killed Wednesday in a roadside bombing in Baquba, Iraq, so says the U.S. military. Another young life gone because of a presidents refusal to admit that he made a mistake and was wrong. What I think it comes down to is that Bush just cannot admit that once again, as in his whole life, he failed.

    Counting Pfc. Cummings death, the entire toll for U.S. troops now stands at 3,124 since Bush's mission was accomplished.