Friday, February 16, 2007

Saturday Vote Upsetting Senator's Plans

      It would seem that a few Senators are upset because they are expected to be in Washington on Saturday for a scheduled vote on the Iraq war. Some of them are angry because they are having to rearrange their schedules when they had trips planned to some of the early primary states and such other matters having to do with running for president in 2008.

   Senator Reid said that he hopes that everyone be there for the vote because it is an important vote. A few of the candidates people are saying that even if the candidate does not show up, it is a non- issue.

   I think that the voters in this country do not share that point of view and I'll bet that if there are some no- shows. most will be Republicans. Any takers?

   A few that have other commitments are planing on flying back for the vote and then taking care of their business. One of them would be Senator Clinton and Senator Biden said that he will just scrap his plans.

   The Washington Times for more.


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