Thursday, April 12, 2007

66% Say More Law Enforcement For Illegal Aliens, 45% Say High Corruption In The White House If Clinton Becomes President

   Here is an interesting poll for you from Judicial Watch-Zogby:

    66% of likely voters- including majority of Hispanics- support using more law enforcement to stop illegal immigration.

   While we are speaking of polls:

According to New Judicial Watch – Zogby Poll : 45% of Likely Voters Concerned there will be “High Levels of Corruption in the White House” if Hillary is Elected President

    Overall, 26% of likely voters are “very concerned,” and 19% are “somewhat concerned” there will be “high levels of corruption in the White House” if Hillary is elected president, including approximately one in five Democrats (18.8%).

• A total of 42% of likely voters describe Hillary Clinton as “very corrupt” (17%) or “somewhat corrupt” (25%), including 21.2% of the Democrats likely to vote.

• 36% of likely voters agree with the statement:  “If Hillary Clinton is elected president, Bill Clinton cannot be trusted to behave honestly in the White House.”

• 69% strongly agree with the statement that “corruption is a significant problem in Washington.”  An additional 24% “somewhat agree” with the statement.

• More than three in four (78%) agree that bigger government leads to more corruption.

   I wonder how Mrs. Clinton will react to this bit of information and what her campaign managers will do to change this outlook by the voters.

    45% is a high number to have to overcome and it will not be tough since she is pretty much cast as not having any type of personality.