Saturday, April 07, 2007

British Told Bush To Stay Out Of Iran Dispute

   We learn today that the Bush war machine offered to use U.S. warplanes to fly over Iranian Revolutionary Guard positions in Iran after the Iranians detained 15 British sailors and marines who were caught ( allegedly ) in Iranian waters.

   It is reported that the Pentagon had offered a few various military options to the British but Tony Blair actually told Bush and company to stay out of the situation and to cut back on the rhetoric coming from Bushco. Britain also asked the U.S. to cut back on their military exercises in the Gulf so that things wouldn't appear to confrontational. Source

   This all started over a trespass by the British into Iranian territory, which the British have denied. They said that they were in international waters but that may not have been the case.

In the first days of the crisis, Iraqi officials also helped the British to identify the exact boundaries of Iraqi waters, the Guardian has learned, suggesting the British were not as certain of their case as they had publicly claimed.  The Guardian

   Anyway, I'm sure that Bush will now punish Tony Blair for not letting him start another war with Iran. My guess is that there will be no sex the next time that they meet!

   This was the golden opportunity for the Bush clan to attack Iran and he got bitch-slapped by Blair. Now Bush and the CIA and the military planners will have to come up with something different to get an excuse.



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