Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Bush Crime Family Member Monica Goodling Refuses To Speak To House Judiciary Committee

    Monica Goodling's lawyers have said that this crook will not testify in public nor in private about the prosecutor's who were fired for political reasons.

    Remember that she has stated that she would use her Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination to avoid the hearings that the Congress has been conducting.

   Once upon a time in never, never land, when things were going the Bush way, this woman was the senior counsel to Alberto Gonzales. You remember him, do you not?  He's the United States Attorney General who is charge of the Justice Department in this country. That is, when he is not George Bush's personal attorney, which is all of the time.

House Judiciary Committee Chairman John Conyers panel spokesman, wrote in a statement, "It is unfortunate that Mr. Dowd has injected such bizarre and overheated rhetoric into a good faith exchange about whether Ms. Goodling would voluntarily agree to be interviewed behind closed doors by the committee."   This was after lawyers for  Goodling ( John Dowd and Jeffrey King ) wrote that,

 "recent suggestions to the contrary are unfortunately reminiscent of Senator Joseph McCarthy, who infamously labeled those who asserted their constitutional right to remain silent before his committee 'Fifth Amendment Communists.'"

   If the shoe fits. Once again, if this woman has nothing to hide about her activities and those for whom she worked, why not testify and say what you know. This is supposed to be the Republican Family Values and Christian group, after all.

   Conyers' spokesman also said, "It is also disappointing, in light of earlier pledges of cooperation, that the Justice Department stands idly by while a staff member, still on its payroll, refuses to cooperate with Congress."

   So Goodling's lawyers are telling the investigative committee that there is no point in calling her to speak since she is going to plead the Fifth.

  I tend to believe differently. Let the public see and hear her plead to the Fifth Amendment so the we will all know that she is hiding all of those goodies inside her head just to keep Gonzales and Bush out of the storm.

  To bad that she cannot be charged with contempt.