Thursday, April 26, 2007

Bush's Escalation Is Working-Not!

The Escalation is Working

by Devilstower   Thu Apr 26, 2007    DailyKos

Bombings are up.  US troop deaths are up.  Iraqi troop deaths are up.  Bush / McCain / Lieberman denials of reality are way up.

Clearly, we've escalated.

But what about those statistics that Bush keeps giving?  The ones in which "sectarian murders" have dropped?  Is there anything to it?  You're not going to confirm them with the Iraqi government.  

The Iraqi government has refused to provide the United Nations with civilian casualty figures for its latest report on the hardships facing Iraqis, the U.N. said Wednesday, but numbers from various ministries indicate that more than 5,500 people died in the Baghdad area alone in the first three months of this year.

Hold on, 5,500 dead in Baghdad alone in just three months?  That would be a huge increase.  How could we see an increase in deaths and a "decrease in murders?"  Well... Bush didn't hesitate to form a shadow CIA in the Defense Department. Perhaps he also formed a shadow Baghdad Police Department and determined that 5,000 of those deaths were not murders -- Iraqis have just become very accident prone.

Still, the Bush administration really has managed to pass along democracy to the Iraqis.  The Bush form of democracy.  That is, they've taught the Iraqis to feed their people lies, keep the truth hidden, and spew misinformation like a fountain.

At a news conference to unveil the United Nations' report, spokesman Said Arikat said no "official" reason had been given by the government for not issuing casualty figures. But Ivana Vuco, a U.N. human rights officer, said government officials had made it clear during discussions that they believed releasing high casualty numbers would make it harder for the government to quell unrest.

You see?  Iraqis won't know they're being slaughtered by the thousands without the official statistics to confirm what they can see out their window.  Of course, releasing the actual numbers might also make people realize how ridiculous Bush's talking point really is.  Don't worry.  When it comes to lying, Bush can always escalate.