Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Bush Escalation " Surges " Onward

BAGHDAD - Four large bombs exploded across Baghdad on Wednesday, killing at least 127 people and wounding scores as violence climbed toward levels seen before the U.S.-Iraqi campaign to pacify the capital began two months ago. AP

   A car bomb parked at a market in Sadriyah killed 82 and wounded 94.

    Another car bomber hit an Iraqi police checkpoint at one of the entrances to Sadr City, killing 30 and wounding 45.

Earlier, a parked car exploded near a private hospital in the central neighborhood of Karradah, killing 11 people and wounding 13, police said. The blast damaged the Abdul-Majid hospital and other nearby buildings.

The fourth explosion was from a bomb left on a minibus in the northwestern Risafi area, killing four people and wounding six others, police said.

Also in Baghdad, four policemen were killed Wednesday afternoon when gunmen ambushed their patrol south of the city center, police said. Six pedestrians were wounded in the gunfire.

     West of Baghdad, five insurgents were killed by U.S. troops and another 30 captured in an Anbar province raid.



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