Thursday, April 12, 2007

Committee Chairman Patrick Leahy Says White House Lying About Emails Missing

    Patrick Leahy:  "They say they have not been preserved. I don't believe that!"

    "You can't erase e-mails, not today. They've gone through too many servers. Those e-mails are there, they just don't want to produce them. We'll subpoena them if necessary."

Scott Stanzel: "The purpose of our review is to make every reasonable effort to recover potentially lost e-mails, and that is why we've been in contact with forensic experts."

Patrick Leahy: " I've got a teenage kid in my neighborhood that can go get 'em for them."      Source

    What I would not give to listen to Leahy calling these asshole's out! It is reported that Leahy was shouting his first comments while he was on the Senate floor.

     After Leahy was finished, his committee approved new subpoena's to get the documents in question, but they haven't issued them as of yet.

   When are the Democrats going to quit asking for the stuff and just issue the subpoena's? This trying to play nice shit is for the birds and it is not working! Go for the damned throat and tear it out of these criminals.

Stanzel said the White House was trying to recover the e-mails and could not rule out that some may have involved the firings.The administration also is drafting new guidelines for aides on how to comply with the law.

Leahy was not buying that.

"E-mails don't get lost," Leahy insisted. "These are just e-mails they don't want to bring forward."    Yahoo News