Thursday, April 26, 2007

Condi Rice To Ignore Subpoena ?

   Another Republican shithead who is going to ignore a congressional subpoena to appear before the committee to answer questions. Condi is playing the executive privilege game since she was Bush's national security adviser during the period that Congress has questions about.

Rice said she respected the oversight function of the legislative branch, but maintained she had already testified in person and under oath about claims that Iraq had sought uranium from Africa during her confirmation hearing for the job of secretary of state.

Rice noted that she had been serving as President Bush"s national security adviser during the period covered by the panel's questions and stressed the administration's position that presidential aides not confirmed by the Senate cannot be forced to testify before Congress under the doctrine of executive privilege.

    Condi Rice:   "This all took place in my role as national security adviser. There is a constitutional principle. There is a separation of powers and advisers to the president under that constitutional principle are not generally required to go and testify in Congress.

"So, I think we have to observe and uphold the constitutional principle, but I also observe and uphold the obligation of Congress to conduct its oversight role, I respect that. But I think I have more than answered these questions, and answered them directly to Congressman Waxman."

      Rice will probably end up pleading the 5th Amendment as so many Republicans are apt to do in the coming months.