Friday, April 20, 2007

Iraq Accountability Act Heads To Conference

    You have to keep an eye on those sneaky little Republicans at all times, it seems.

Republicans, led by Rep. Jerry Lewis, attempted to strip provisions in the Iraq Accountability Act holding the Iraqi government accountable and providing for a responsible redeployment from Iraq before it goes to conference committee for reconciliation with the Senate version of the emergency supplemental.    The Gavel

Appropriations Chairman David Obey had a little to say about this attempt by the GOP.

   David Obey: " Let me put it another way. When the bill was before us the first time, our Republican friends did not bother to offer a recommital motion. Why? Because they were divided about how to proceed. They could reach no agreement. They had no policy. Now they are offering a motion which they say they’re going to vote against. Is that the best they can do? We’ve heard talk about a surrender date. The only surrender that’s involved here today is the surrender of the obligation of this Congress to oversee presidential and executive branch policy. The only surrender is the total surrender of our obligation and our authority to a White House that has demonstrated from day one that it had not a clue of what it was getting into and today has not a clue about how to get out. We have to provide better leadership than that. That’s what this bill tries to do."

   You can watch Chairman Obey speak Here.

  Here is a list of the Democrats who will be serving as conferees:


Rep. Obey
Rep. Murtha
Rep. Clyburn
Rep. Wasserman Schultz
Rep. DeLauro
Rep. Lowey
Rep. Olver
Rep. Serrano
Rep. Visclosky
Rep. Price (NC)
Rep. Dicks
Rep. Edwards
Rep. Mollohan

  The New Elliott Ness gang!