Thursday, April 26, 2007

Iraqis Blame U.S. For Last Wednesdays Bomb-fest

   You remember that? More than 300 people were killed and a series of bombings in Baghdad.

  Here's what some of the Iraqis had to say about this mess.


Kaka Kadir:   "We do not know who is killing us, but we do know who is responsible for our safety. All we receive from our government and the Americans is talk, and holding other people accountable, while it is them who should protect us."

Hussein Rathman: "Karrada is supposed to be very well protected. It seems there is no hope, and everyone should think seriously of leaving the country."

Jabbar Ahmed (  lawyer/human rights activist ): "The problem is that those Americans are still talking about peace and reconciliation in Iraq. They should just leave the country after all the disappointment people here feel towards them. All they are doing is lying all the time, while Iraqi blood has become so cheap."

    Resident Bush has our military in Iraq to do....? Whatever it is, it isn't working and it hasn't been working for six years. the Iraqi people know this and so does our military so why does Bush not understand this? Idiot maybe?