Sunday, April 22, 2007

Nouri al-Maliki Orders A Stop On Building Of Wall

    Nouri al-Maliki ( Iraqi Prime Minister ) said today that he has stopped the construction of a wall being built that would have separated Shiite areas which surround a Sunni area. The Sunni neighborhood would have been walled up with Iraq military troops manning entrance and exit locations into and out of the Sunni enclave.

    al-Maliki said that there are betters ways of dealing with the problems of attacks without walling up a neighborhood.

al-Maliki:  "I oppose the building of the wall and its construction will stop. There are other methods to protect neighborhoods."

He did not elaborate but added "this wall reminds us of other walls," in an apparent reference to the wall that divided the German city of Berlin during the Cold War.  Source

  I wonder how ' the decider ' up in the White House will feel about this.

   It's nice to see al-Maliki make one of his own decisions, but I seriously doubt that Bush and the rest of the crooks will let it stand for to long.