Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Republicans Violate Voting Rights Act

      It seems that the Republicans are still up to old tricks in the state of Texas in order to keep their grip on power.


Two bills are scheduled for debate Monday in the lower chamber: House Bill 218, which would require a photo ID along with a voter registration card to cast a ballot, and HB 626, which would require a certified copy of a birth certificate, passport or naturalization certificate to register to vote.

Opponents, who promise an intense floor fight, note that such requirements put undue hardships particularly on ethnic minorities, the elderly and the poor. They also say that these bills were introduced because these citizens are also believed to trend toward voting Democratic.

   This is at the stage of ridiculous! I haven't had a copy of my birth certificate in decades nor have I had a copy of my naturalization papers since I don't know when. I do have them now, just recently, but it took more than a few years to get most of this junk. You would not believe the cost that I had to incur for this shit and I've been a citizen for 45 years!

   Quite frankly, the Republican party needs to be done away with, period!


by McCamy Taylor  at Daily Kos
Mon Apr 23, 2007

Thanks to Ashcroft's non-enforcement and the climate of Anything Goes, election fraud reached epidemic proportion in 2004, with bogus voter registrations in which Democrats found their registration forms shredded, more questionable E-voting and, of course, Ohio Secretary of State Blackwell's blatant disregard of the Voting Right's Act.  He broke the law so many times, it was ludicrous---and the Department of Justice looked the other way in every single instance, because everything Blackwell had done favored the Attorney General's boss.

Now, thanks to this laissez-faire attitude, the gloves are off. State legislatures in the Carolinas, Georgia, Florida and Ohio have passed laws that violate the Voting Rights Act. Not only has the Department of Justice failed to act, it actually rubber stamped a photo ID law in Georgia that the federal courts later struck down as amounting to a poll tax. Secretaries of State in Ohio and California are actively disenfranchising voters--and no one is acting to defend the voter's rights. Not the Department of Justice, not the Republican controlled Congress.

The only federal governmental body left that seems to believe that the Voting Rights Act is still the law of the land is the judiciary. And even at the Supreme Court of the United States, it is a 5 to 4 decision. One more Justice, and the Voting Rights Act will be dead in our lifetime, whether or not Congress ratifies it again.