Monday, April 09, 2007

Resident Bush and The War Funding Bill

   Remember this! When Resident Bush veto's the war funding bill, it is Resident Bush who is not supporting our troops!

"The president is vetoing the bill to provide money for soldiers -- readiness, health care, armaments, etc and a timeline to get out of Iraq."

Here is today's White house Press Gaggle by Gordon Johndroe.

  And we have some of the highlights for you!

Gordon Johndroe: "On another note, it's now been 63 days since the President asked Congress to fund our troops. It's good to see the Senate returning to work this week; we hope the House comes back soon, because it is clear the Democrats in Congress need to sit down and negotiate with themselves first, before they talk to anybody else about getting legislation done -- legislation that doesn't, one, micromanage our generals in Baghdad and their strategy for success; two, set arbitrary timetables; three, make cuts to funding for programs that help the Iraqis achieve a political solution; four, include ridiculous, non-emergency pork barrel spending; and, five, doesn't cutoff all funding, as some senators have suggested -- a move that would only serve to mandate a defeat that will abandon the people of Iraq to terrorists and extremists and leave our troops in the field without the money they need."

   Ridiculous pork barrel spending? You've got to be kidding! Since when have the Republicans worried about over the top pork barrel spending? Oh. that's right. Since it isn't their over the top pork barrel spending. A lot of this spending needs to be done since Bush and friends cannot seem to help out anyone that makes under 100k per year or they aren't a corporation who have donated to the cause.

   Once again I point out to you that cutting off some of the funding or even all of it will not leave our troops in the field without the money they need! This is utter bullshit and if you believe that lie, then you, my friends, are idiots.