Friday, April 06, 2007

Sam Fox and How To Get An Appointment When Nobody Likes You

   Just in the past few months the American public and the Congressmen along with the Senate and the rest of the world, have seen how immoral George Bush is and we have also seen what a liar and conniving son of a bitch he is.

    His recent nomination appointment of Sam Fox as the United States ambassador to Belgium flat out stinks!

   I'm not a legal expert on this political stuff, so I may be wrong here. I'm just wondering if it is legal to appoint someone that was officially withdrawn from the nomination in the first place?

   This recess appointment while the Congress is on Easter Vacation doesn't have any merit to it in the first place.

   This is how you get into politics if you are a big spending, Bush supporter. It's called buying the position. For example:


President Bush has rewarded 146 elite 2000 and 2004 donors (23 percent) by appointing them or their spouses to his 2000 transition team or to one or more federal posts. Of these 146 big-donor appointees, 99 (70 percent) were 2000 Pioneers who have had more time than the newcomers to score Bush appointments. Nonetheless there are 47 appointees who first became elite donors in Bush’s 2004 reelection campaign.

   * Bush appointed two elite donors as cabinet secretaries: Homeland Security Secretary Tom Ridge and Labor Secretary Elaine Chao. Commerce Secretary Don Evans and Housing Secretary Alphonso Jackson took the Pioneer pledge in 2000 but were not recognized by the campaign for raising the full $100,000.   Source


Thirteen other families bred multiple elite Bush donors, with three trifecta families producing three Pioneers or Rangers. Mercer Reynolds, who once bought out George W. Bush's failing oil company, is Bush's ex-Swiss ambassador and current national finance chair. The grandfathers of Mercer and Pioneer cousin James Reynolds bought the "Cracker's Neck" wood pulp plantation outside Atlanta. Along with Pioneer--and apparent family member-- Harold Reynolds, their grandsons developed the land into Reynolds Plantation, a luxury development that was the site of major fundraisers for Bush's 2000 and 2004 campaigns.

<...>        ....and this...

Sam Fox is another Ranger father of two Ranger sons. The Fox family's Harbour Group specializes in takeovers of manufacturing companies and has major investments in China. Sam Fox ironically told the St. Louis Post-Dispatch that he got involved in politics in the 1980s out of concern over the huge federal deficit. He was among 22 wealthy business leaders whom the president, who calls this donor "Foxie," invited to a 2001 lunch to discuss  tax cuts for the rich.

The Pickens family of Dallas--which recently squabbled over its oil inheritance--had two members who raised more than $100,000 for Bush's campaigns. Three other family members took the 2000 Pioneer pledge but failed to reach their $100,000 target (John T., Michael K. and William C. Pickens). A T. Boone Pickens spokesperson says that he is not related to this Pickens family.   Source

                          equal this...

Fox nominated for Belgium ambassador
St. Louis Business Journal - December 7, 2006

Sam Fox, head of Clayton-based Harbour Group, has been nominated to be ambassador to Belgium. President George W. Bush announced the appointment Dec. 4, which is subject to Senate confirmation.

Fox, a significant contributor to the Republican Party and its candidates, is Harbour's chairman and chief executive.

He joins another area resident who already serves as an ambassador. Ann Wagner, former co-chair of the Republican National Committee and the Missouri Republican Party, has been ambassador to Luxembourg since August 2005.

Stephen Brauer, chairman and chief executive of St. Louis-based Hunter Engineering, served as ambassador to Belgium from June 2001 until September 2003. George Herbert "Bert" Walker III, who also lives in the St. Louis area, was ambassador to Hungary from 2003 until last July. He is a first cousin to the first President George H. W. Bush.  Source

   Any Questions?

   The American citizens have only themselves to blame for any of this since many of you voted for this reject as president a second time. All that you did was to allow a crook, liar, and fraud to continue to collect cash from his corporate friends and to appoint many unqualified friends of his to a few important positions that will end up hurting the country in the long run.

   You watched Fox News and read the banners under the reporters as they and the GOP spin machine spoke to you, and you became an ignorant, un-informed population.  Many of you are still listening to that White House propaganda spin machine and I feel really sorry for you. NOT! If you are to ignorant ( stupid ) to know what Bush is doing by now and to see the punk for what he really is, then you deserve everything else that this gutter garbage is going to do to you for " democracy."

  I see that I have gotten a little off target here, but I can do that. I'm not a professional  with a political science major and what have you. I'm just an regular United States citizen who was once proud to call this country my home.  Thanks to " the Dictator ", I find it hard to be proud of my home to the outside world. Bush has given us citizens nothing good to advertise to the other countries on why democracy is the better way as they have seen what democracy has /is doing to America. Most of the outside sees this country as becoming more communist-like everyday, and I agree. Those of you who voted for this scum and those of you ( 28% ) who still support this scum are as far down the ladder in morals as is our Idiot in Chief.

   For the fake feel of safety from terrorist, you have given up many of our rights and allowed the Bush clan to get by with various illegal activities.

   I wish that someone could explain to me how you can give up your Constitutional rights, along with your Bill of Rights, and then still be called a democracy. They do not mix in the same glass.




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