Monday, April 23, 2007

A String Of Bombings In Iraq On Monday

   I see that the Bush troop surge is all going well  on this Monday as 48 people were killed and another 93 wounded in various bombing attacks in Iraq.

    An Iraqi  Interior Ministry official said that police and civilians were targeted in two suicide car bombings in Ramadi, just west of Baghdad and that one of the bombing hit a restaurant, killing 25 civilians and wounding another 35.  

Earlier, in a separate attack, a suicide car bomber struck a police checkpoint just outside Ramadi killing four and wounding six civilians and police, a police official said.

Another car bomb rigged with explosives was found close to the checkpoint and was detonated in a controlled explosion by security forces, the official said.

In Baghdad, seven people were killed and 16 were wounded when a suicide bomber detonated an explosive vest inside a restaurant near the Green Zone, Baghdad police said. CNN

   In the same reported it is noted that the United States military has stopped construction of a wall around al-Adamiya, a Sunni neighborhood in northern Baghdad.

   A military statement said that "The construction of the wall is under review. We need to protect the people in Iraq. How that is done is always being discussed and we continue the dialogue. We coordinate with the Iraq government to establish effective appropriate security measures."        Source

    What that would mean is that the Bush boys will put a little pressure on Prime Minister al-Maliki to okay the wall no matter what the Iraqi people want. Occupation of  another country doesn't mean that you listen to the people. You do what you want to do no matter who doesn't like it.



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