Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Survey Says Rove and Aides Should Testify Under Oath

   Here we go again! Just when you thought that it was safe to venture out, we have another poll for you!

   This is an L.A. Times Poll which found that 53% of those polled think that Alberto Gonzales should quit because he lied about his involvement in the firing of eight U.S. attorney's.

   74% of those who were polled say that Rove and his hoods ( aides )  should testify under oath about the purge of the attorney's.

   Among Republicans themselves, 49%  said that the aides should testify while 43% said that they should not.

   Along party lines, 68% of the Democrats say Gonzales should resign and only 38% of the Republicans think that he should leave.

   Among independents, 57% say he should go while 22% think he should stay.

   On the immigration issue.

A strong majority of respondents, 77%, said employers who knowingly hire illegal immigrants should be punished. That included 87% of Republicans and 72% of Democrats.