Sunday, June 01, 2008

John McCain Lobbyist Rick Davis: The Gift That Keeps On Giving

  By now most intelligent people are well aware that John " the reformer " McCain is no reformer when it comes to politicians and the lobbying groups. It seems that everyday we learn of new ties to lobbyist and their foreign clients, those lobbyist on the McCain campaign.

   Here is one more example of John McCain's campaign manager, Rick Davis, and his lobbying prow-ness on behalf of clients dealing with foreign countries. In this case, Iran, the one that McCain wants to bomb,bomb, bomb.

But Davis isn't just any lobbyist. He's a lobbyist-turn-presidential campaign manager who just a couple weeks ago was drawing up rules on how to build a wall between lobbyists and McCain's political operatives. And McCain has been more hawkish than most of his colleagues about confronting Iran.

And, interestingly, Davis' lobbying shop, Davis Manafort, was doing work for the Ukranian oligarch about the same time that Davis was serving as the president of McCain's Reform Institute.

A McCain aide told us Davis did not work on that account while he was heading up the firm. And he was unaware of the company's ties to Iran.

  The incompetent campaign of John McCain. And this moron wants to run our country when he can't even keep track of his campaign workers?