Friday, July 04, 2008

Independence Day

  One of the best holidays of the year in the United States!

   A lot of food will be cooked on the grill and tons of beer and booze will be drank both today and tomorrow in celebration of this day. Remember to be careful while you are out boating, fishing or whatever it is that you'll be doing today.

  Have a great day enjoy your independence!

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

John McCain's Whining About General Clark's Criticism

  You knew that the McCain supporters and the rest of the Repugnicans would go all out to blow General Clark's comments way out of proportion, and they've been doing just that all week long.

  Here's a comment on the McCain ass-kissing and just how much more does he think he deserves?


Why is McCain a delicate flower who needs constant a*skissing?

by chumley Tue Jul 01, 2008 a
I'll be blunt, here.

Just how much ass-kissing does John McCain think he is owed?

Barack Obama has constantly, consistently and repeatedly said he honors John McCain military service, and what he endured as a prisoner of war. 

A quick Google search confirms that Obama has stated just that on numerous occasions.  Very unequivocally.

And now that the Republicans are in their phoney pearl-clutching gear again, lying about what General Wesley Clark said and Obama's part it in (none), we once again see John McCain and his surrogates whining about how John McCain has been disrespected.

God in heaven, is there any man in America who has been given MORE respect and deference for his military service than John McCain?


Why is McCain such a delicate flower that any time he's in an election, he starts whining about being disrespected?     Is he not capable of having an honest, vigorous policy debate without going into full martyr gear and accusing everyone of being mean to him?

Sack up, Mr. McCain.   This is a Presidential election, and you've striven to be the nominee of your party for years.   You've just spent eight years working side-by-side with the worst administration in our country's history, acting as their toady at every turn.  Believe it or not, most people lost respect for you for THAT.   I'm one of them.

You endured a horrible imprisonment for our country years ago, and we thank and honor you for it.  But let's have some actual straight talk here:  you've been thanked and honored for this exact thing for decades.  Lionized, feted, canonized even.  Maybe the problem is that you feel entitled to nothing BUT that at this point, but... if so, you shouldn't be running for President.  It's not appropriate for a democracy to give anyone that office as a gift, without the proper debate.

What you want, Mr. McCain, is to be spared scrutiny.  You want the office to be given to you by acclaim, and for ANY criticism of your record to be called an act of disrespect for your military service.  It's a cowardly way to approach this election -- morally bankrupt and un-American.


...Now look at that paragraph directly above.   I have NO doubt that if you and your campaign were ever to read it, Mr. McCain you'd go into the very predictable, sustained high-pitched whine about about how this clown on a librul blog was denigrating your military service.

It's pure bullshit, Mr. McCain.  And it's a tired, shopworn line of bullshit at that.   I think you actually know very well that neither Obama or Clark were denigrating your service or your sacrifice.  For God's sake, both of them went out their way to kiss your behind (yet again! on that score.

...But a little asskissing is never enough for John McCain.  The alleged "straight talker" needs nothing but flattery and prolonged smooching of his own backside, 24/7, or he starts crying and stamping his feet.

John McCain, you don't have the moral standing to be President.  Your military record is excellent -- though not, as Clark said, a sole qualification to be President.  If it were, than  ALL Republicans would have voted for John Kerry in 2004... instead of mocking his Purple Hearts and accusing him of lying about events that were very well-documented.

The reason you're not qualified to be President, John McCain, is that you're a profoundly dishonest man who lies routinely just for political convenience.  And when you don't seem to be getting away with that, you lash out and hope to kill the debate by whining about you're not getting your ass kissed ENOUGH.

We don't need such a dishonest, thin-skinned President who thinks that country should be serving him, rather than the reverse.  We already had that with your political boss George W. Bush.  This country has already rejected him, and you will pay the political price for aiding and abetting him over the last few years.

If you want to debate that, well, let's go.  Please, we're happy to engage that.  Let's have at it.  That's what elections are for.

But if you just want to mewl and whine about how people aren't kissing your ass nearly enough for your liking, then withdraw your candidacy, for the good of the country.  If so you're perpetrating a disgraceful act of cowardice, and you're not morally or psychologically able to run this country.


(...Oh, and by the way?  By your idiotic standards, Mr. McCain, you and your TV goons are dishonoring all American military when you come after Wesley Clark.  He is, after all, a wounded veteran who gave decades of his life in military service. 

But we all know what Republicans actually think people who serve in our military: U.S. soldiers are enemies if they don't suck up to the Republican party.)

  I cannot wait to see this pathetic old man get trounced come November. I use to have respect for Senator McCain, but then he turned into a Bush.

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Gen. Wesley Clark Has Republican Hypocrites Crying Fowl

  If you have any friends who are Republicans and who may be crying because General Clark said that getting shot down in a jet does not qualify John McCain to be the next President, then please go to the store and buy them a big box of Kleenex tissue.

  This shouldn't even be a story on any so-called news show and it wouldn't be if a Republican had said anything similar. General Clark did not insult McCain or his years in service to this country, he just made a very valid point and now the GOP feels insulted!

  It seems that the General himself sees no reason to apologize for his comments and that is a good thing. The Republicans, and " the maverick " just can't stand any form of anti-McCain comments, even if true.


Retired Gen. Wesley Clark rejected suggestions he apologize Tuesday for saying John McCain's medal-winning military service does not qualify him for the White House. Elaborating, Clark said a president must have judgment, not merely courage and character.

Despite criticism from Republicans, Clark declined to back down in an interview Tuesday morning with ABC. "The experience that he had as a fighter pilot isn't the same as having been at the highest levels of the military and having to make ... life or death decisions about national, strategic issues," he said.

Asked whether he felt he owed McCain an apology, Clark responded, "I'm very sorry that this has distracted from the message of patriotism that Sen. Obama wants to put out."

  One of my favorite lines from this article:

   Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., rebutted Clark's claim by arguing that McCain's years as a prisoner of war and the mistreatment he endured made him uniquely qualified to lead the campaign in the Senate to ban the use of torture in the interrogation of detainees in the war on terror.

  Did I miss something there? If memory serves me right, McCain did vote to let torture continue. He sided with the Bush Crime Syndicate on that one.

   I believe that McCain did once have somewhat strong courage and character, but I think that he lost them both a few elections back.

   Obama had something to say about this also:

    "The question is why, given all the vast numbers of things that we've got to work on, that would be a top priority of mine," he said. "The fact that somebody on a cable show or on a news show, like Gen. Clark, said something that was inartful about John McCain, I don't think is what is keeping Ohioans up at night," he said.

Monday, June 30, 2008

5 Reasons Why John McCain Will Lose In November

   I just happen to run across THIS editorial placed in the Rockbridge Weekly, an online newsgroup from out of Virginia, I think.

   The editor list five reasons why Senator McCain will lose the election in November, and I just happen to agree with most of them. I'm only listing a few of the concerns.

1) Barack Obama appears to be vigorous, youthful and has a solid core of advisors with tons of political experience - a team which already has proven that it can raise huge amounts of money and then use it effectively.
Since Mr. Obama flip-flopped on his promise to use public funding, the Obama campaign will enjoy a 3-4 times greater funding advantage over McCain. In American elections, this is a huge advantage.

5. Republicanism - the term, is a strong negative this year, with many former party members opting for the label now as independents, not wishing to be thought of a member of a group which promoted out of control spending, foreign wars without appropriate planning or administration and policies which have failed on both the energy and housing fronts. Most conservative Republicans don't care for McCain and thus, aren't enthusiastic about his campaign. Those labeling themselves as Republicans have dropped by 6-8 percentage points, at least according to one national survey. That puts those in that category in the either low 30s or high 20s in terms of percentile, now far below those claiming to be Democrats. It is clear then that independents will decide the election.

  The editor goes on to say that the McCain campaign has no clear definition, which we all know is true.

   It is obvious to me that the editor of this piece is a Republican supporter, but judge for yourself after reading the whole bit Here. The end of the piece is a good one.

Gen. Wesley Clark On McCain's Presidential Qualifications

  Yesterday on Face the Nation, Gen. Clark had a few not so nice things to say about John McCain's war record not making McCain qualified to be the President of the United States.

  Said Gen. Clark:

"I certainly honor his service as a prisoner of war. He was a hero to me and to hundreds of thousands and millions of others in the armed forces, as a prisoner of war," he added that these experiences in no way qualify McCain to be president in his view:
“He has been a voice on the Senate Armed Services Committee. And he has traveled all over the world. But he hasn't held executive responsibility. That large squadron in the Navy that he commanded — that wasn't a wartime squadron,” Clark said.
“I don’t think getting in a fighter plane and getting shot down is a qualification to become president.”

   Maybe McCain should just stick to his voting record in the Senate instead of relying on his war record to win the White House. Oh wait! I forgot that McCain's voting record mirrors George Bush's commands. Guess he can't run on that either.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

John McCain @ YouTube

  I live on a lake and I've decided that today is a good day to go out on the jet-ski and have a little bit of fun, so I am just going to post a few links to videos of John McCain having some of his town-hall meetings and what-not.

   You can actually hear him flip-flop on issues and take credit for bills that he opposes! Gotta love the straight-talker!

   Below is one with McCain talking about the new GI Bill that was passed, which he opposed, and which he wasn't even at work to vote on. You will see many more at the link provided.


  On another note, you can go here to check out some of McCain's greatest hits on the issues.

On Torture:
He's first against it.
And he's definitely against it.
And then he's not and votes to preserve waterboarding.  What a guy!
His explanation? So uh... waterboarding ISN'T torture after all?  Huh?

On being Bush's 3rd Term:

The Future Face of the Leader Of the Free World
Kenner speech
Bad IED joke
Gets pissy about Jimmy Kimmel Old man jokes.  What's the matter?  Can't take the heat from a comedian?

  So go ahead and have a good laugh today! John McCain! Old GOP Comedian!