Saturday, October 25, 2008

Joe Biden Smacks Down Orlando " wingnut " Anchorwoman

  Talk about a screwed up interview, and the sad part is that this woman was serious!

DOJ To Probe Ohio Voter Registrations?

   The Bush Crime Family strikes again!

    The Public Record

George W. Bush late Friday asked Attorney General Michael Mukasey to investigate whether hundreds of thousands of newly registered voters in the battleground state of Ohio would have to verify the information on their voter registration forms or be given provisional ballots, an issue the U.S. Supreme Court weighed in on last week.

The unprecedented intervention by the White House less than two weeks before the presidential election may result in at least 200,000 voters in Ohio not being able to vote on Election Day if they are forced to provide additional identification when they head to the polls.

House Minority Leader John Boehner, R-Ohio, sent a letter to Bush Friday asking that he order the Department of Justice to probe the matter.

"I strongly urge you to direct Attorney General Mukasey and the Department of Justice to act." Boehner said in his letter "Unless action is taken by the Department immediately, thousands, if not tens or hundreds of thousands of names whose information has not been verified through the procedures mandated by Congress will remain on the voter rolls during the November 4 election; and there is a significant risk if not a certainty, that unlawful votes will be cast and counted. Given the Election Day is less than two weeks away, immediate action by the Department is not only warranted, but also crucial."
Independent studies have shown that phony registrations rarely result in illegally cast ballots because there are so many other safeguards built into the system.

  This  shit by the Republicans is getting a little tiring. More proof that they can't win an honest election in this country.

   So how much voter fraud has actually happened in the past?

For instance, from October 2002 to September 2005, a total of 70 people were convicted for federal election related crimes, according to figures compiled by the New York Times last year. Only 18 of those were for ineligible voting.

In recent years, federal prosecutors reached similar conclusions despite pressure from the Bush administration to lodge “election fraud” charges against voter registration groups seen as bringing more Democratic voters into the democratic process.

  Little Hitler ( Bush ) does not want his cohorts to lose the White House because he knows it will be a very long time before another Republican lives in it. We need to see that it stays that way.

Barack Obama Video

   This is one reason that will put Barack Obama in the White House.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Latest Newsweek Poll: Obama 53% McCain 40%


With less than two weeks left in the presidential contest, Barack Obama continues to hold a commanding double-digit lead over John McCain according to the latest NEWSWEEK Poll. Among registered voters nationwide, Obama now leads McCain by 13 points, 53 percent to 40 percent. Among likely voters, Obama's lead is similarly strong, 53 percent to 41 percent.

  In fact, Obama leads McCain in practically all of the demographic groups in this poll.

     He now leads McCain in every age group, even among voters 65 and older, who choose him over McCain 48 percent to 42 percent. He leads handily among men, 52 percent to 42 percent, and among women, 54 percent to 39 percent. He now leads McCain by 46 percent to 44 percent among working class whites, a dramatic reversal from April, when McCain led him in that group 53 percent to 35 percent.

  One more bit of information for you

     Despite repeated attempts by the McCain campaign to raise fears about the specter of one-party Democratic rule in Washington, only 34 percent of voters say they think Obama is too liberal, while a majority, 56 percent, say they think Obama's views on major issues are "about right."

U.S. Auto Makers Cutting Jobs

   This came out yesterday, but just in case you missed it..

    Dollars & Sense

Chrysler announced that it was cutting 1,825 jobs. The cuts are about 6% of the company's hourly workforce of 33,000.
General Motors announced that it is indefinitely suspending company matching contributions to employee 401K retirement accounts.
The Washington Post reports that Detroit automakers are pulling out of NASCAR:

GM's annual investment alone was rumored to be $120 million-$140 million at the peak of its involvement in NASCAR. But it severed sponsorships with Bristol Motor Speedway and New Hampshire Motor Speedway this summer, and deeper cuts are promised as part of GM's $10 billion cost-savings program.
Ford officials announced yesterday that while they were extending their contract with Roush Fenway Racing -- its most decorated team in the elite Sprint Cup ranks -- they were also ending all direct financial support to teams in NASCAR's Nationwide and Truck series, considered developmental leagues. Dodge took a similar step in pulling out of the truck series, which also is losing Sears's Craftsman brand as its title sponsor at season's end.

Late Night Sarah Palin Jokes

     It is Friday, so I'm bringing you some of the latest Sarah Palin jokes from the late night shows.

Sarah Palin is taking heat because the Republican National Committee has so far spent $150,000 on wardrobe for her and her family. She spent $50,000 at Saks Fifth Avenue, $75,000 at Neiman Marcus and about $5,000 on hair and makeup. Hey, representing small town, common-folk hockey moms isn’t cheap, folks.” –Jimmy Kimmel

"Naturally the smart thing to do to solve your economic woes is to demonize the Democrats. And of course, Sarah Palin is more than happy to oblige. She's been saying that Obama hangs out with terrorists. And you know, I think the evangelical lady who's in a video getting blessed by a witch doctor, who's married to a secessionist, and can't name a newspaper -- she's right, Obama is scary." --Bill Maher

"The question she keeps asking at all of the rallies is, 'Who is Barack Obama?' You know what, genius, maybe if you'd picked up a newspaper in the last year you'd know. He's the guy who's kicking your ass." --Bill Maher

"Are you excited about Sarah Palin? Well, yesterday she referred to Afghanistan as our neighboring country. Apparently, she can see bin Laden's cave from her house." --David Letterman

"In Boca Raton, Florida, yesterday, a woman who looked like Sarah Palin caused a near riot when she walked into a diner for breakfast. And after a minute or two, people finally realized it wasn't her when she started answering questions." --Jay Leno

     All of these come by way of

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Voter Suppression/Voter Fraud: What Can You Do About It?

Published on Thursday, October 23, 2008 by YES! Magazine

How to Stop the Rigging of Election '08

by Sarah van Gelder

Don't be fooled by all the accusations about ACORN. The real voting scandal is the voter suppression methods that likely swayed election results in 2000 and 2004, and are in process again as you read this.

Most of the news has focused on John McCain's accusations that ACORN is perpetrating a major vote fraud. The problems with ACORNs work that have surfaced involve registration, not voting. The truth is that ACORN, a group that organizes poor people, has been registering record numbers to vote: a jaw-dropping 1.3 million -- mostly low-income people, people of color, and young people.
ACORN readily admit that a tiny fraction of the 13,000 canvassers they hired turned in faulty registrations. "If they had too many mistakes or problems, we fired that person," Brian Mellor, senior counsel for Project Vote, said in an article in the New York Daily News. But the organization has no choice about turning in the faulty forms; most states require that every registration form filled out be handed over to election officials.  "I personally went to the office of the Clark County [Nevada] board of elections in July and told them we're bringing these forms in, we've separated the ones that have problems," he said. "You should investigate and prosecute those you feel necessary. They told us they weren't interested." Nevada state officials raided the ACORN office in early October.

But there's little chance that these errors will result in improper voting on election day, much less affect outcomes. According to researcher Lorraine C. Minnite, of Columbia University, a total of 24 people, across the U.S., were found guilty of voter fraud between 2002 and 2005 -- an average of eight per year.

This video features ACORN leaders and others responding to the charges of election "fraud."

This issue of voter fraud is a smokescreen designed to cover a much more serious issue with a long and ugly history: the suppression of the vote of groups that tend to vote Democratic -- especially the poor, minorities, and young people. Minnesota Secretary of State Mark Ritchie said as much when I interviewed him last year.

In the current issue of Rolling Stone magazine, Greg Palast and Robert Kennedy Jr. show that thousands of voters have been disenfranchised in key swing states, dating back to the 2000 election, and continuing today. Techniques include purging voter registration rolls in targeted districts, challenging voters, requiring excessive identification, and discarding ballots.

There are also cases where heavily Democratic districts get few voting machines, resulting in long lines, while Republican precincts in the same county are well stocked, with no waiting to vote. Reports are already coming in of scare tactics repeated from the last two elections, especially flyers and posters warning that voters will be arrested at the polls if they have so much as an unpaid parking ticket.

Then there are the infamous black box voting machines, which, computer scientists warn, can't be secured or audited. There are already reports of voting machines in West Virginia flipping Obama votes to John McCain during early voting.

This country has a long and ugly history of suppressing the votes of minorities and poor people, and today's voter suppression tactics follow in that shameful tradition.

So what do we do protect the votes now that the election is just days away?

YES! Magazine is sending out an email to thousands of our readers entitled 12 Ways to Protect the Vote. Click on this link for simple things you can do, and forward on these simple instructions for safeguarding your vote.

Here are other resources available at the YES! website. Click here for information on:

Maybe this will be the year that voter suppression efforts fail and faith in the honesty of our election system is restored. A lot will depend on responsible election officials, alert reporters, Internet watchdog groups, and perhaps most important, the vigilance of voters.

Sarah van Gelder is Executive Editor YES! magazine.

New Obama Website To PROTECT YOUR VOTE

The Obama campaign has worked with the Democratic Party to build the most comprehensive voter protection program ever put in place. Volunteers and campaign staffers across the country are working to protect your rights on Election Day. We are testing voting systems, examining ballot designs, pushing to reduce lines, and expanding opportunities for early and absentee voting.

We have also been carefully monitoring the voter rolls — we are watching to make sure new registrants get on the rolls, and stay there.

  Go and check the site out when you have time or if you have questions concerning your vote.

    The link>

Sarah Palin Not To Good With Geography Either

   This one comes from People Magazine

Have you traveled with the kids anywhere in the lower 48?
SP: Yes. Many, many, many times. Yes. Yes. We go to Hawaii often. That's a good trip for Alaskans because it's a direct flight down there. We've been to California quite a few times. Washington State quite a few times to see relatives.

  Maybe someone should tell Sarah that Hawaii is not one of the lower 48 states. Boy, is she a smart one or not? Comments like hers help us to understand why it took her four or five colleges to graduate.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

DSCC's New Ad Against Mitch McConnell

  I do not usually put up to much about the state races, but, living in Kentucky part time, this race has been of keen interest to me. I for one would love to watch McConnell eat the dirt and be sent home crying to mommy. I live in this assholes district so whenever a petition online comes up asking me to write or to call my Senator's, it becomes a waste of time to do so because dear old Mitch keeps himself in lock-step with whatever Bush and his cronies attempt. Mitch is one of the Bush enablers who should be let out to pasture. The bad part about this  race is that his Democratic rival is not to much better than McConnell is. This is definitely a choice between the lesser of two evils.

   With all of that being said, here is the new DSCC ad on Mitch McConnell.

DSCC's New Ad Against Mitch McConnell

  I do not usually put up to much about the state races, but, living in Kentucky part time, this race has been of keen interest to me. I for one would love to watch McConnell eat the dirt and be sent home crying to mommy. I live in this assholes district so whenever a petition online comes up asking me to write or to call my Senator's, it becomes a waste of time to do so because dear old Mitch keeps himself in lock-step with whatever Bush and his cronies attempt. Mitch is one of the Bush enablers who should be let out to pasture. The bad part about this  race is that his Democratic rival is not to much better than McConnell is. This is definitely a choice between the lesser of two evils.

   With all of that being said, here is the new DSCC ad on Mitch McConnell.

Barack In Richmond, Virginia

Nice little speech that Barack Obama gave in Richmond. Check it out.

YouTube has had an embed problem with this video once in a while, so if you cannot watch it here, then go here.

Nevada Secretary Of State Rules Against GOP Voter Objections

   Another GOP voter suppression tactic bites the dust. You can, however, expect a Republican court challenge on this.

Nevada Secretary of State Ross Miller today ruled that voters whose registrations were on time, but incomplete or incorrect, may cast regular ballots after correcting their applications.

The legal interpretation was a response to a letter from Nevada Republican Party Chairwoman Sue Lowden, who argued that voter registrations that were not complete by the deadline shouldn't allow those people to vote.

  Can't you just hear the Republican Party in Nevada crying over this latest take down?

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

New Obama Ad Slams " Erratic " John McCain

  This is probably one of the best ads that I have seen lately.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Presidential Polling For Monday, October 20, 2008


CBS/NYT: Obama 54%, McCain 41%
ECONOMIST: Obama 48%, McCain 42%
CNN: Obama 51%, McCain 46%
DEMOCRACY CORPS: Obama 49%, McCain 44%
GWU/BATTLEGROUND: Obama 49%, McCain 45%

GALLUP: Obama 52%, McCain 43%
ABC: Obama 53%, McCain 44%
RESEARCH 2000: Obama 50%, McCain 42%
ZOGBY: Obama 50%, McCain 44%
IBD/TIPP: Obama 47%, McCain 41%
HOTLINE/DIAGEO: Obama 47%, McCain 42%
RASMUSSEN: Obama 50%, McCain 46%


COLORADO--Rasmussen: Obama 51%, McCain 46%, Others 0% (McCain)
FLORIDA--Rasmussen: McCain 49%, Obama 48%, Others 1% (McCain)
GEORGIA--G.Q.R. (D): McCain 46%, Obama 44%, Others 4% (Obama)
MINNESOTA--SurveyUSA: Obama 50%, McCain 44%, Others 4% (McCain)
MISSOURI #1--Suffolk University: McCain 47%, Obama 46%, Others 1% (Obama)
MISSOURI #2--Rasmussen: Obama 49%, McCain 44%, Others 4%
NEW HAMPSHIRE--Research 2000: Obama 50%, McCain 43% (Obama)
NORTH CAROLINA #1--PPP: Obama 51%, McCain 44%, Others 2% (Obama)
NORTH CAROLINA #2--Rasmussen: Obama 51%, McCain 48%, Others 0%
OHIO #1--Suffolk University: Obama 51%, McCain 42%, Others 2% (Obama)
OHIO #2--Rasmussen: McCain 49%, Obama 47%, Others 1%
OREGON--Grove (D): Obama 52%, McCain 39%, Others 2% (Obama)
PENNSYLVANIA #1--Muhlenberg: Obama 53%, McCain 41%, Others 2% (McCain)
PENNSYLVANIA #2--Susquehanna: Obama 48%, McCain 40%, Others 3%
VIRGINIA #1--Rasmussen: Obama 54%, McCain 44% (McCain)
VIRGINIA #2--SurveyUSA: Obama 51%, McCain 45%, Others 2%
WISCONSIN--SurveyUSA: Obama 51%, McCain 43%, Others 3% (McCain)

Did John McCain Seek Donations From Russia?

   You just cannot make this shit up!

    From Russian News and Information Agency

UNITED NATIONS, October 20 (RIA Novosti) - Russia's permanent mission to the UN has received a letter from U.S. Republican presidential candidate John McCain asking for financial support of his election campaign, the mission said in a statement on Monday.

"We have received a letter from Senator John McCain with a request for a financial donation to his presidential election campaign. In this respect we have to reiterate that neither Russia's permanent mission to the UN nor the Russian government or its officials finance political activities in foreign countries," the statement said.

According to Ruslan Bakhtin, press secretary of the Russian mission, the letter dated September 29 and signed by McCain, was addressed to Vitaly Churkin, Russia's envoy to the UN, and arrived on October 16.

The ambassador's title was not included in the letter, and was not clear why the letter had taken over two weeks to arrive.

Enclosed was a request for a donation of up to $5,000 to McCain's election campaign to be returned with a check or permission to withdraw the money from the donor's credit card until October 24.

Individual donations to candidates' election campaigns are capped by law at $2,300, and it is illegal to accept donations from foreign nationals.

McCain accepted the $84 million in public financing available to his election campaign, and consequently cannot accept private donations. However, the Republican National Committee is collecting donations that can be used to support his candidacy in limited ways.

Legal barriers aside, the request and the official response from the Russian mission appear even more confusing in the light of McCain's overall negative attitude toward Russia.

Last year he said the G8 should exclude Russia, citing "diminishing political freedoms, a leadership dominated by a clique of former intelligence officers, [and] efforts to bully democratic neighbors."

On August 12, during the brief conflict between Russia and Georgia in its breakaway region of South Ossetia, McCain said he had told Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili: " I know I speak for every American when I say to him, 'Today, we are all Georgians.'''

The Gallup Poll daily tracking survey on Sunday showed Democrat Barack Obama leading McCain nationally by 10 percentage points, 52-42.

  Integrity? Honor? Honest?= John McCain? I think not! If this story is true, then it is pretty obvious that the McCain campaign is desperate. McCain asking for money from a foreign government, Russia no less, is a criminal act, I think.

   Another reason to keep this Republican gutter crawler away from the White House.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

An Arrest In GOP Voter Registration Fraud Case...

  so let's all just drop the ACORN bullshit and get to some real voter fraud, shall we? Naturally, this fraudulent practice is coming from the Republican side of the fence.


By Evan Halper, Los Angeles Times Staff Writer
October 19, 2008

SACRAMENTO -- The owner of a firm that the California Republican Party hired to register tens of thousands of voters this year was arrested in Ontario late last night on suspicion of voter registration fraud.
State and local investigators allege that Mark Jacoby fraudulently registered himself to vote at a childhood California address where he no longer lives so he would appear to meet the legal requirement that signature gatherers be eligible to vote in California.

Jacoby's arrest by state investigators and the Ontario Police Department comes after dozens of voters said they were duped into registering as Republicans by his firm, Young Political Majors, or YPM. The voters said YPM tricked them by saying they were signing a petition to toughen penalties against child molesters. The firm was paid $7 to $12 for every Californian it registered as a member of the GOP.
Several agencies had launched investigations into Jacoby's activities, including the Los Angeles County district attorney's office, which issued the warrant for his arrest earlier this month on felony charges of voter registration fraud and perjury.

  This gets even better folks as it seems that this is not the first time that this has happened. It looks as if Mark Jacoby has pulled this stunt back in Tampa Florida in 2004. this scam involved having students sign petitions for various causes and them having their signatures forged to show that they had registered as Republicans when they had not. One student was even asked if she would register as a Republican after signing a petition to legalize the medical use of marijuana.

St.Petersburg Times

Outside the USF library, Adrienne DeVore, 20, also signed a petition to legalize the medical use of marijuana.

"Can I check Republican?" the woman said. If she did, the Republican Party would help fund their cause, the woman told her.

DeVore, a sophomore, thought that was strange because she didn't think Republicans favored legalizing marijuana.

Her boyfriend repeatedly asked the group whom they worked for. One person told him the Young Republicans. Another said they worked for a company called YPM.

Young Political Majors LLC, or YPM, is a company registered by Mark Jacoby at a Town 'N Country residence.

Jacoby appeared this summer at the election office in Gainesville with a box of about 1,200 voter registration cards. Of those, about 510 voters had switched to the GOP.

Elections Supervisor Beverly Hill spoke with Jacoby and grew suspicious. She randomly called the Republicans to verify they wanted to switch. All of them said, "Absolutely not," Hill said. "They didn't even know they had signed a registration form," Hill said.

   So this sorry fuck got arrested this time around. Maybe after looking at some very long prison time, he'll spill the beans on some other illegal registration activities concerning the GOP and the higher ups.

  UPDATE: A little bit more on this can be found here, and here.

Colin Powell's Comments On " Meet The Press "

   A lot has been made today about Colin Powell's announcement that he will vote for Barack Obama instead of his long time friend John McCain. I'm listing some of the other questions and comments from the show.

NBC's " Meet The Press "

MR. BROKAW:  Let me as, you a couple of questions--quick questions as we wrap all of this up.  I know you're very close to President Bush 41.  Are you still in touch with him on a regular basis?  And what do you think he'll think about you this morning endorsing Barack Obama?

GEN. POWELL:  I will let President Bush 41, speak for himself and let others speak for themselves, just as I have spoken for myself.  Let me make one point, Tom, both Senator McCain and Senator Obama will be good presidents.  It isn't easy for me to disappoint Senator McCain in the way that I have this morning, and I regret that.  But I strongly believe that at this point in America's history, we need a president that will not just continue, even with a new face and with some changes and with some maverick aspects, who will not just continue, basically, the policies that we have been following in recent years.  I think we need a transformational figure.  I need--think we need a president who is a generational change.  And that's why I'm supporting Barack Obama.  Not out of any lack of respect or admiration for Senator John McCain.

MR. BROKAW:  You do know that there are supporters of Barack Obama who feel very strongly about his candidacy because he was opposed to the war from the beginning, and they're going to say, "Who needs Colin Powell?  He was the guy who helped get us into this mess."

GEN. POWELL:  I'm not here to get their approval or lack of approval.  I am here to express my view as to who I'm going to vote for.

$150 Million In September For Obama Campaign

    That my friends, is a lot of money.  Here are a few stats on where the money came from.

    But let us not get over- confident just yet. The election is still a few weeks away and the Obama campaign, and the rest of the Democrats, need your support in order to get more seats in both the House and the Senate. We know that John McCain and the ugly Republican Party are going to be scraping the bottom of the barrel for more hate mongering and lies.

   As Obama himself has said...

   ... we haven't won yet.

Sunday Talk Show Guest Line-up

  NBC's "Meet the Press" — Former Secretary of State Colin Powell.

   This will be the show that garners the most attention as everyone is hoping the Colin Powell announces his endorsement of either Barack Obama or John McCain.

UPDATE: Powell endorses Obama!  Link

ABC's "This Week" — Newt Gingrich, former GOP speaker of the House.

    Watch this with a bottle of booze and some pain killers close by.

CBS' "Face the Nation" — Virginia Democratic Gov. Tim Kaine; Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, D-Fla.; Missouri Republican Gov. Matt Blunt; former Rep. Rob Portman, R-Ohio.

"Fox News Sunday" _ Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz.

   John McCain will still be trying to shore up support for himself from his family members. Nothing to see hear unless you need a good laugh.

CNN's "Late Edition" — Sen. Claire McCaskill, D-Mo.; Rep. Roy Blunt, R-Mo., House minority whip; former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani; Rep. Artur Davis, D-Ala.; Ed Lazear, chairman, White House Council on Economic Advisers.