Friday, March 20, 2009

Latest Polling Reports

  Not that we do not know what you and are have been thinking as of late about  the financial bailout and those lovely bonuses that we have been paying to the top executives of AIG and most of those other companies who helped create this mess that America now finds itself in. Of course, we can also thank quite a few politicians from both sides of the aisle who helped to make over-site non-existent when it came to keeping both brokers and banks in line when it came to them handling our money.


The mainstream, or populist, view sees big government and big business as political allies rather than political opponents.

Preliminary results indicate that 55% of Americans can be classified on the populist or Mainstream side of the divide. Only seven percent (7%) side with the Political Class. When leaners are included, 75% lean in the Mainstream direction and 14% lean the other way.

Thirty-seven percent (37%) of those on the populist side of the debate are Republicans, 36% are Democrats, and 27% are not affiliated with either major party.

Twenty-two percent (22%) of government employees are aligned with the Political Class along with just four percent (4%) of private sector workers.

The biggest surprise so far is that a plurality of the Political Class believes the economy is getting better while 66% of those in the Mainstream say it’s getting worse.

  The Political Class think that the economy is getting better? Just what fucking planet do those assholes life on, because it surely is not planet earth! It is no fucking wonder that we cannot get our government to get anything done for you and I since they think that life is just fine and dandy! Throw the fucking bums out while we still have a minor chance of saving our asses!

  Sorry for the foul language people, but I’ve been off for some time as you know, and I’m very, very hostile right about now. I still will not be on on a regular basis for at least 2 more weeks, so please bear with me. I’ve got a shit-load of print to throw at you when I do get back to normal.