Saturday, August 15, 2009

National Health Care

As the health care debate rages on up in DC., a few companies are giving the rest of us their two cents worth. Of course, these companies are not in favor of any real health care reform, so their ideas are not in line with the reforms that the Obama camp is proposing. No big surprise there.
shellac from has an open letter to one of those companies, Whole Foods.

My letter to the Nashville Whole Foods management
by shellac
Fri Aug 14, 2009 I am a Nashville area surgeon and a loyal
customer of the Nashville Whole Foods ever since it first opened. This is true
no longer. I was stunned and deeply disappointed to read Mr. Mackey's right-wing
propaganda piece
in the WSJ. He has his right to speak his point of view. I have the right to take my money elsewhere.
This is the letter I wrote in the feedback page at my local Whole Foods store's website.I am a Vanderbilt physician and a loyal customer of Whole Foods for years now. It is with some degree of remorse that I write this letter, but I feel I have no choice.Your CEO Mr. Mackey's ill-informed article does tremendous harm to the cause of health care reform. His solutions, e.g. high deductible plans, are simply ridiculous. These things are part of the problem, not the solution. As the country spirals further into debt from health insurance costs, lining the pockets of health insurance company CEOs along the way, and America falls further and further behind other developed nations in all leading health indicators, Mr. Mackey has the audacity to point to Medicare as the problem. Of course his solutions are silly--they are simply right-wing talking points.
Hypocrites like him are the same people who would not bat an eyelash at sending troops to Iraq, causing the deaths of many Iraqis and Americans, and then footing the massive bill. Yet they balk at the idea of paying for health care reform, something that has the ability to save millions of lives. I truly do not understand this.
Mr. Mackey has the right to speak his point of view. We customers similarly have a right to support those businesses whose political support will not be detrimental to society. I realize that the employees in the Nashville store may not agree with Mr. Mackey, but I would be in violation of my Hippocratic Oath and my duties as a physician if I continued to support Whole Foods. For those employees who may suffer as innocent bystanders, I am truly sorry.Good luck.
I truly do not understand what is going through this cretin CEO's mind when he penned this op-ed. Does he not know that Americans are dying for lack of proper health care? Or does he not care?
Whatever. I will never step foot in that store again.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

"Never Pay It Back "...

... is a website promising that you can get a $2500 grant from some rich folks which you will never have to repay. This is a SCAM people, so avoid this ripoff!

The following is what a few people in this country have discovered when checking into this con game:

cheryllj: Hi,For about the past month there's been a very hot add running on some Portland, OR radio stations. It states that private philanthropists want to help citizens in need so they're willing to give $2500 to an individual, the application only takes 1 minute to fill out & you "never pay it back"!!!Well, being curious I wanted to check the website out & here I am....after being taken to:», then when you try to exit the page you may be taken to another page at:» states that this government grant study program has been featured on ABC, NBC, CBS & FOX networks. The only cost to you is $2.95 for shipping.
MGD: ALL ADVERTISEMENTS FOR GOVERNMENT GRANTS WHICH REQUIRE YOU TO PROVIDE CREDIT OR CHECKING DATA ARE SCAMS, NO EXCEPTIONS !!, and that is not just my opinion: » You should contact your local media who are accepting commercials from these scammers and complain. In fact in this case they could become a party to a potnetial class is a paid affiliate which redirects to as well as other scam sites.
Go to this site to read further opinion about this scam.

The locals here in Tampa have this scam site being pushed on one of the local radio stations, but I've not yet been able to get the stations call letters. I found out about this site by way of a friend who heard it on the radio and wanted me to check into it. Stay away from this scam folks! Any company and/or group who that wants your credit card number or checking account number is up to no good, especially if they are claiming to be giving away cash or whatever. You've been warned!!