Saturday, September 12, 2009

HART Line Bus System... the public transportation system down here in Tampa, Florida. It really does need to be replaced. Actually, the system is fine, it is the bus drivers who need to be canned and sent back to working at McDonalds or wherever the hell it is that they came from.
Hart Line bus drivers seem to be the laziest driver's that I've ever run across during my stays in various cities.
My actual complaint with these drivers is that they seem to not understand what being on time is. These drivers seem to think that they have their jobs in place, so fuck everyone else! At least that is the impression that myself and many other riders have.
Three days ago I was at the Hart Marion Street Transfer Station in downtown Tampa waiting for a route 1 bus to leave. This bus was due to depart at around 7:35 pm and this station was its point of origin, so there was no reason for this route to begin late. But nooooooooo! The driver of the bus finally came out of his little break-room at 7:45! Ten minutes late at the outset! What the fuck is that kind of service! Then the man wants to drive like he's in a NASCAR race at Daytona or somewhere! Of course, the driver didn't appologize for the late start. He said nothing to the riders on board.
This is not the first time that these drivers have come out of their little break-room late. On the same route a few weeks back, the criver was no where to be found. The security guard in the area had to go and find the man and bring him to the bus! What kind of shit is this?
And this service wants to raise its rates? It already cost riders 3.75 per day for an all day pass to ride the buses. A one-way trip cost you 1.75. Of course, with discounts for being poor or whatever, you can get on cheaper. That ain't the point. The service sucks no matter what the cost is!
I will say that HART does have a few very good drivers who know about customer service and about being on time. these few will bend over backwards in order to please their passengers. The other drivers should take note.
HARTLine, get with the program!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Obama Scares The GOP


No Wonder the GOP have gone crazy... This is a formidable enemy...(UPDATE)
by The Simple Canadian
Wed Sep 09, 2009
What have you guys done? The sun is shining through my window, I am looking at a beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia false creek waters and the boats slowly moving through, early in the morning (6am), I brush my teeth, and I say, let's check out the dailykos before heading to work... and voila, my anonymous diary that I posted last night is at the top of the rec list??? Merci tres beaucoup les gars!!!
This is really a formidable enemy (at least to them). Obama threatens to make the GOP irrelevant for many years to come. They are unable to match up with him intellectually, charismatically and politically. And unlike Kennedy, he seem to have a damn good Secret Service.
However, every time Obama speaks, Americans remember why they are a great Nation. He seems to move the entire world with him, with just one simple speech he could wipe out all the town hall demonstrations, all smear TV ads from the McCain campaign, everything, is just wiped out.
This, my friends, is for the ages. This, is what is going to pass the health care reforms:
To the GOP, this enemy, is different, and is very very scary. No wonder, they have gone crazy.
There is something that can make you better, but I can't afford it