Wednesday, September 23, 2009

An American Gothic Vacation: Time To End The Fight...

To those of you who have followed this site on a regular basis, I say thank you. For the present time, this site is going to be taking a very much needed rest. Most of you know that I've not blogged at my normal pace for some time. Actually, it hasn't been done regularly at all this year. There have been just way to many obstacles in the way of me getting things done that should have been taken care of months ago.
Some of you may have read the brief piece that I did about a certain alcoholic who I was trying to help to get off of her addiction. As of today, I have given up on that cause. There has been just way to much time, effort, and emotion involved on my part, and i have grown tired of making fruitless attemps to help someone who I think really does not want the help.
I am exhausted. I am tired. I am finished. Terri Ellen Winters, I wish you the best and I do hope that you wake up tp life one of these days. i really don't see you doing that though and that's to bad. You had a future free from the drink and you decided to toss it to the side today.
I do not like to quit and I do not like to lose, at anything! But this crap with a drunk who wishes to stay that way has to come to an end.