Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Time And Life In General This Past Year

While i sit here waiting to get paid after a hard days work ( NOT) I figured that I'd do this post just to kill some time.
I don't care for the Christmas holidays all to much, in case you didn't no that. I like the New Years holiday much better. This sorry assed year is almost over and none to soon! Those of you who have been here for awhile no that i've had a very shitty year starting from last January up till now even, so this year can stop dead in its tracks right now.
Let me see. First there was the ice storm which knocked me off-line for two weeks at the start of the year. We all know that i lost a sahit-load of ad revenue thanks to that crap. Then there were the tornado's which screwed things up once again. then I filed wage violation charges against my employer, which are settled as of now for the most part. Then i came to Florida. Ha! Bad move? Time will tell I guess.
So I missed most of Preseident Obama's first year in office which is one reason why there hasn't been to much posting on the political topic. We all know about my vacation with a certain alcoholic that I met, so further talk isn't necessary.
Anyway, 2010 is only a week away, finally. Those of you who know me also understand that I'm coming out swinging when this year kicks in. No more bullshit from my other half or from anyone else for that matter. I have a few scores to settle with a few individuals who seem to think that that nice.calm, quiet Micheal is going to let them just pass on their "sins." that ain't gonna happen. On top of that, i'm going to be covering the stuff that I started out covering in the first place, along with my usual take on life in Tampa Bay.
That's it for now. Have a great Christmas and a Happy,prosperous New Year.