Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Florida Has Thousands Of Dead Voters..

…and I don’t mean “brain dead” voters. That would not be news down here.

The South Florida Sun-Sentinel ran a story in their Sunday newspaper telling the readers that after they did an investigation they had discovered that there were some 9,700 felons on the voter rolls whose voter rights had not been restored,and,14,000 people on the rolls who were dead.

   The new numbers are lower than they were back in 2008,when a similar investigation was conducted. those numbers were 28,000 dead voters on the rolls and 33,000 felons on them.

While few votes are cast for the dead, the paper found that about 7,500 felons voted in the state's 2008 general election.

Florida elections head Dawn Roberts told the paper that based on its findings she is ordering an immediate review of the methods the state uses to identify voters who die or are convicted of a felony.

    So, did those felons who are no longer on the rolls die,and will they now show up on the voter rolls under the “dead voter” heading?