Sunday, September 12, 2010

Immigration:What To Do About It

  For my part, I think that we should close the border to our south and post signs along the way,in Spanish, that if you are caught illegally coming into the United States a second time then you will be shot on sight. That would curb that problem a little bit.

   I know, that would be just a little harsh.

   Here is a much less violent solution to the problem from a guest commentator which was printed in the online version of  The Tampa Tribune. This is only part of the story, so hit the link and go read all of it, okay? The writer thinks that citizenship is the answer.

First, close the borders, enforce immigration laws and set strict conditions reflecting national needs for new immigrants.

To show the absurdity that such measures are motivated by racism, just consider that perhaps one-third of the world would like to be economic migrants to our shores. Mexicans simply have the advantage of being able to walk across the border. Is this not discriminatory to Guatemalans and Hondurans, Peruvians and Paraguayans living so much farther away? People from Benin, Belarus, Bosnia, Borneo and Bulgaria don't show up much at all, do they? Simple geography debunks arguments about racism.

Second, we should enable as many as possible of the 10 million lacking legal status to become full citizens, on the condition that they earn it.

   He suggest such things as having immigrants join the military for a period of time or to either do some sort of community service if the military is not an option.  Good start, I think.