Thursday, September 16, 2010

Latest Senate Polling

    Washington State

    Senator Patty Murray (D) has a slight lead (51%) over Dino Rossi,the Republican challenger who has 46%.

In 10 previous surveys conducted since January, the candidates have been within two points of each other seven times. Murray's support has ranged from 45% to 50%, while Rossi has picked up 46% to 49%.      RasmussenReports

    Over in the state of Delaware, Chris Coons (D) has a pretty good edge (53%) over his Republican challenger (Christine O’Donnell)(42%).

4% of those polled say that they are undecided at this point while 1% would like to have someone else to vote for.

Harry Reid is having a pretty tough time of it out in Nevada as those polled have Reid and his Republican challenger (Sharron Angle) tied at 48% each. 2% would like another candidate and 3% are undecided.

   Hate to say it (not really) but this might be a career ender for Senator Reid. I’d like to see him retired,only not by a Republican.

   Oh well, can’t have everything.