Thursday, October 07, 2010

Floridians And Taxes


     I found an interesting article in one of our local newspapers this morning, but i cannot find it in their online edition.

    Anyway,Pew Research Center did a survey with the people of Florida and found that some 70% of the residents have no problem with paying higher taxes in order to keep their current level of funding for the states kindergarten thru 12th grade schools. from what I've seen around the Tampa Bay area, they may want to also request an educational bailout from the federal government.

    54% of those who were asked said that they would also favor a tax increase in order to keep health and human services at the current funding level,and 69% say that they would approve of a tax increase on alcohol and cigarettes. they just had one of those not to far back.

    So, Florida residents. how about a tax increase to keep your public libraries open and another increase to keep your police departments operating at near full capacity, at least? While I’m at it, lets raise some taxes so that your sorry group of city council members do not need to take a furlough day.