Sunday, October 10, 2010

My Alcoholic Friend:Final Chapter

Just how much crap is one supposed to take from a sorry-assed person before one says “enough?”

As many of you know from a few past postings of mine, I've been involved with a female who happens to be a hardcore alcoholic with a few mental problems. By involved I do not mean in any type of sexual involvement. That would be the farthest thing from my mind as I have a very low tolerance for drinkers in general.

No, I have wasted my time in trying to help this woman get her act together, and i have just recently realized that I’ve been getting the worst side of the deal. I found this woman living out in the streets and she happened to be doing a little food-stamps sales and a little bit of whoring around with the old men at a county complex in order to pay for her beer habit. All of her so-called friends are nothing but low-life crack heads and pill poppers and alcoholics to top it off. She’d rather listen to those bums than to hear anything that someone who cares about her has to say.

Enough is enough! I’ve had all that i am going to put up with. We’ve been sharing a place for the past 3 months and for the most part it has been a horror story. I leave for work at 6 in the morning and all that she did was lay around drinking that nasty Natural Ice crap which no one in their right mind would consider as a beer. It had got to the point that she’d be drinking when I went to bed at night and she would still be drinking,or drunk, when I got up in the morning. there were burn holes on the couch and beer cans knocked over on the floor with beer still in them. She wouldn’t remember what was said to her only a few hours earlier,much less days before.

She finally did do something that I’d been trying to get her to do for at least the past 10 months. She was getting tired of waking up with the shakes every morning from alcohol withdrawals so she decided to go into a county detox program. I thought that was a good thing and her tri[up to detox lasted for a week before she was released. Sunday,October 9 would have been three weeks for her having been sober. Like I said,would have been. She got a little angry at me earlier in the evening because I got on her a little bit for not restocking the refrigerator with some soda.

That is no big deal but I am a diabetic and I keep cases of diet drinks around the house,which are normally drank by only myself. I keep at least 10 cans in the fridge because I do not like having to drink a warm can of soda when I want one. Ice? That would be great if not for the fact that when I go for ice, the trays are in the freezer and usually empty.

I told her to put some cans in the fridge after she removed the last one, and she got an attitude over it. I usually do it 99% of the time, so if one time killed her to do it, then I have no use for her. So she left about 6 hours ago and just recently sent me a text saying that she was staying at a friends for the night. It don’t work that way in my place. We had an agreement that we do not stay out overnight for any reason. This is an infraction that I will not except since her friend are pretty much worthless when it comes to doing anything of value for anyone.

She called me up a little after the text, and it was very obvious that she was drinking. said she wasn’t coming home and then spat out a lot of obscenities before I hung up.

I AM FINISHED with this creature. She knows now that when she shows up on Sunday that her belongings will be outside on the porch. I’ve had my fill and I've much better things to do with my time.

Readers, you do not know the half of what I’ve gone through with this creature, so many of you will call me an asshole or even worse. I do not really care as it is my sanity that is on the line here.