Thursday, November 11, 2010

K2Incense: The Newest High For Your Children…


….and this product has been banned in at least 11 states,thus far.

    So just what exactly is this newest junk that has been enticing your children to smoke it for the high?  K2Incense is a synthetic form of pot which has become very popular among the late teen to collage age crowd who are looking for a fairly cheap high, much like the “Natural Ice” beer drinking class of idiots.

    So,just what is in K2,also known as “spice?” 

…K2 is a natural incense composed of natural herbs such as "canavalia rosea, clematis nuciferia, heima salicfolia, and ledum palustre." Various sources report that K2 also contains the synthetic cannabanoid JWH-018, which when smoked can produce intoxicative effects similar to marijuana. As a synthetic, it does not register on current drug detection tests. The K2 site expressly states that K2 is "not intended for human consumption" and is intended only to be used as an incense   Source

    So we now have another product being used by the young to get high which is made for another purpose. Of course, you can bet that those outlets selling this stuff do not care what the product is used for as long as they are making some money off of it. They are making some serious cash off of this stuff.

   I started on this subject after seeing an item about it on one of the local news programs. It has caught my interest and I will be doing more research on it,which I will be bringing to you over the next few days.    Stay tuned