Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Obama To Continue Bush Tax Cuts For Wealthy…


…and that should not come as any sort of surprise to you.

    Actually, President Obama has said that he is willing to compromise with the Republicans on extending the Bush tax cuts even though he knows that it will put our deficit and our economy  in an even deeper hole than it is in already.

    Once again. Why is the President even thinking about compromise with the Republicans in the first place?  Those asshats do not have their newly won seats in the House till January, so they really do not have to much say so over those tax cuts for the rich, yet. President Obama, let the damned cuts expire at the end of the year!

Congressional budget analysts estimate that making the lower- and middle-income tax cuts permanent would add a little more than $3 trillion to the national debt over the next decade.

Extending tax cuts for the wealthy would cost an additional $700 billion and that, Obama said, "would be fiscally irresponsible." He noted that Republicans are saying "their number one priority is making sure that we deal with our debt and our deficit."                     Source

       President Obama is looking at a compromise only because he will need GOP backing in order to get any permanent tax cuts for the lower and middle income citizens.

    Hey, Mr.  President. If you and the rest of the Democrats in office had actually beaten back the lies put out by the Republicans before the mid-terms and set the record straight before the voters, you guys might have kept control of the House and you wouldn’t have to worry about “compromise” with the enemy on the other side of the table.